Meet 12th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th October 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 12th October 2023 episode starts with Sumeet telling the police officer that she and Shlok are here to file a complaint, but the officer says that a complaint has already been registered.

Sumeet and Shlok then see Shagun, coming towards them, thus making Shlok tell Sumeet that maybe the police have arrested Shagun.

However, seeing Shagun happy they get shocked, and then shower Sumeet and Shlok with compliments for making the country proud.

Shagun then thanks the inspector for catching the culprit, while Shlok asks her to stop pretending since she was the one who sent him to Pakistan.

Later, Shagun tells the driver that if he gives evidence against her, she will hurt his family while the inspector questions the driver if Shagun had instructed him to send Shlok to Pakistan.

Being scared, the driver takes the blame on himself and gets arrested, while Shlok gets angry at Shagun but Sumeet calms him down and gets his bike.

Afterwards, Shlok while taking out his bike, gets visited by Raunak who calls him weak, but Shlok terms Raunak jealous, adding that he's always hidden behind Shagun.

Raunak then asks Shlok if he has ever gifted Sumeet something, while on the other hand, Sumeet tells Shagun that soon, Shlok will be successful.

He calls Shlok a loser, adding that he has never given Sumeet anything expensive and mocks Shlok for re-marrying Sumeet.

There, Sumeet states that since she has Shlok, she doesn't want anything else in the world.

Later, Shlok asks Sumeet what Shagun said to her, but Sumeet tells him to ignore her and instead, slap her when he becomes a big singer. 

Shlok tells Sumeet he has booked a cab for her as his bike is not working, during which he gets flashbacks of Raunak's words.

After a while, Sumeet suggests Shlok send his audio to a music producer, thus making Shlok promise that he will do so once they go back home.

Elsewhere, Shagun tells Raunak to keep his eyes on Shlok and break every small confidence he can gain so that Sumeet is humbled.

After reaching the Chaudhary Premises, Shlok to pay the cab driver, takes out his wallet to see that there's no cash and insists Sumeet go inside. 

The driver insults Shlok asking why he booked a cab if he didn't have money, making Shlok angry as he recalls Raunak's words too, and then walks forward.

Later, Shlok and Sumeet enter to see the family members dividing themselves into groom and bride teams.

Anju then, declares that Sumeet and Shlok cannot meet each other regularly other than during rituals. 

However, Sumeet says she wants to go with Shlok for his first music recording, while Shlok thinks to himself that he will end Sumeet's troubles and give her happiness.

Anju asks Sumeet to choose jewellery for her haldi ritual, leading Shlok to feel bad since Sumeet chooses flower jewellery.

Inside, Shlok tries to record his song but fails to concentrate, as he thinks that Sumeet is compromising because of his lifestyle and gets disheartened.

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