Meet 12th September 2022 Written Update

Meet 12th September 2022 Written Update

Meet 12th September 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 12th September 2022 episode starts with Meet Ahlawat sitting with the family for breakfast while they all wait for Meet Hooda.

However, she comes downstairs and tells them that she cannot sit with them to have breakfast as she has a meeting with the investors and leaves.

Raj praises Meet Hooda saying that she didn't eat the breakfast herself but prepared it for the family.

Later, Sunaina goes to the kitchen and tells the pest control to wait but gets shocked as she sees a cockroach in the food.

She comes outside and informs the family as the flashback shows Barfi Devi putting the dead cockroach in the breakfast made by Meet Hooda.

Babita worries wondering what to feed Raj as he has to take medicines also while Neelam comes to Raj and begs him to eat the breakfast made by her as she is also his daughter-in-law.

However, Raj shouts that only Meet Hooda is his daughter-in-law and leaves from there.

Meet Ahlawat tells Neelam to do something and she picks up the knife threatening to slice her wrists if Raj doesn't eat the breakfast.

Neelam lightly slices her wrists and Raj finally sits to have breakfast while Barfi Devi acts doing Neelam's aid while secretly telling her that she is winning.

Before Raj can eat, Meet Hooda comes there and says that she forgot an important file while Raj tells her to give him the tiffin she took with her.

Raj eats Meet Hooda's tiffin and tells Neelam that she can not win his trust and blessing by force.

Neelam leaves crying while Meet Hooda goes after her and apologizes saying that it was not her intention.

Once again, Neelam tells Meet Hooda that she is the reason for her sadness and that no one is willing to accept her till she is there.

Just then, Meet Hooda gets a call from the office and she leaves.

At the office, Masoom asks Meet Hooda what she has in the briefcases but Meet Hooda tells her to be patient and leaves.

Meanwhile, Neelam accidentally bumps into Meet Ahlawat who is on his way to the office, and tells him to remove the jacket as she brings another one for him.

Meet Ahlawat removes the now dirty jacket and gives it to Neelam while she takes it and goes to bring a new jacket.

Elsewhere, Meet Hooda tells the investors that she has brought the money they wanted and that it is in the suitcase.

However, she has one condition which is that once the investors take back their money, they will no longer be a part of the Ahlawat business' past or the future, and gives them two minutes to decide.

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