Meet 12th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 12th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 12th September 2023 episode starts with Shagun telling Poonam how dare she slap Raunak adding that now she'll have to clean Raunak's shoes.

Sumeet insists Poonam to not do but Poonam states that she can do anything and takes her pallu in her hand.

However, Shagun tells Poonam to clean Raunak's shoes with her tongue leading Sumeet to scream out for Shlok about Shagun's mistreating Poonam.

Poonam goes down cryingly when an imprisoned Shlok, hearing Sumeet's pleas gets conscious and breaks open his chains.

He shatters the glass in which he was imprisoned and after coming out holds Raunak by the collar.

Sumeet tells Shlok that some minutes are left for them to dance since it's a part of Shagun's sixth task making him loosen his hold on Raunak.

Shlok tells Shagun that now he'll dance and sing freely adding that Shagun can't do anything. 

Later, Shlok and Sumeet dance following which the other family members join in too.

After the dance, the Chowdhurys exclaim that they've won the task leading Sumeet to ask Shagun about Akki.

Shagun fumbles but becomes aware when Shlok and Raj bury Raunak's face in the sand so that he can't breathe.

A scared Shagun then agrees to bring in Akki making Sumeet prepare to proceed but Rajeev states he wants to go.

Sumeet agrees while amidst all this, Raunak gets free from Shlok and Raj's clutches.

At Chowdhurys, the family prepares for Akki's return but amidst all this, Priyanka falls off the ladder but is held on by Raj.

Pankhudi is shocked to see Raj and Priyanka looking at each other after which she bursts a balloon.

This leads Raj to make Priyanka land on her feet after which he tells Dadi that he has bought ice cream for Akki.

Pankhudi tells Raj that she'll keep the ice cream leading their hands to touch again but she walks away instantly.

Priyanka gets followed by Pankhudi who asks if she likes Raj but Priyanka states that she is unsure about liking him, although he's a good person.

Inside, Poonam extends her gratitude to Sumeet since Shlok has gotten his voice back and Akki's coming back.

She further states that she is not only an ideal wife but also an ideal daughter-in-law and hugs her.

Suddenly, Bubbles comes in making Poonam ask Sumeet to check who's doing it since the lads are getting bad.

Sumeet walks out and notices Shlok who states that he was here to get her attention. 

He kisses her on the forehead and extends her gratitude to her for making him accept Anand's death.

Playfully, Sumeet states that a thank you won't work adding that he has to sing for her.

Shlok catches on a tune while he dances with Sumeet very soon ending it but run out instantly when they hear Rajeev has brought in Akki.

Later, Anju hugs Akki after which Dadi feeds him ladoos and attempts to lead him inside but Akki denies going inside.

Sumeet asks Akki the reason for not going in but Anju mentions that he's scared.

Meanwhile, Shagun confesses to Raunak about installing a bomb in Akki's watch which will kill all the Chowdhurys thus stopping them from revealing Shlok as the real wonder boy.

Outside, Rajeev picks Akki to get inside the house but Akki denies making Sumeet wonder about his behavior. 

Later, Akki denies eating laddoos from Anju since the bomb will go off if anyone touches him and asks for the phone instead.

Dadi tells Anju to not worry adding that Akki needs time after which she gives the phone to Akki who runs away.

Outside, Akki through the phone, gets to know that water can help the bomb deactivate and dips his hand in water.

Unbeknownst to Akki, Sumeet ponders about what is on Akki's hand while on the other side, the bomb starts ticking.

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