Meet 13th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th April 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 13th April 2023 episode starts with Minakshi (Meet) telling Manmeet he can tell her about the betrayal since it would help him heal faster.

Meanwhile, the real nurse Minakshi is walking towards the Sangwan house continuing to ask for directions.

Shagun is also on her way out of the house while Geeta sees the nurse and calls Meet.

Meet leaves Manmeet's room and talks to Geeta on call who informs her about the nurse.

Meet formulates a plan and shouts that the killer lady has arrived, attracting everyone's attention.

Shagun also goes back inside while Sarkar questions the nurse about how she knows what Meet looks like.

Meet takes the family inside Manmeet's room and shows them the note on the wall that she will return soon.

She lies to the Sangwan family that she saw the shadow of Meet and came to tell them everything.

Flashback shows, Manmeet, going to the washroom and Meet coming to his room and writing on the wall with the lipstick.

Further, Meet drags the real Minakshi away from the family's eyes and convinces her to leave saying that the Sangwan family is a killer family.

The nurse leaves while Meet goes back to Manmeet's room in hopes of getting some answers from him.

She goes to Manmeet's room and informs him that the killer Meet had come inside the house.

Manmeet gets shocked while Minakshi (Meet) tells him that it is time for his exercise.

She holds his hand and helps him stand while her hair flies in his face.

He slips and falls on her accidentally, removing her Pallu.

She fixes her Pallu while Manmeet turns away and gives her the safety pin that fell.

She further asks him if he was shocked to see the knife in Meet's hand.

However, Manmeet gets angry recalling that moment and tells the nurse to leave saying that there will be no more exercise.

Elsewhere, Meghana is talking on the call when a man snatches her purse and runs away, making her fall to the ground.

She cries as her phone has broken and she wonders how will she go home.

Just then, a handsome guy returns with her purse and flirts with her telling her to take him to the hospital.

Meghana leaves saying that her family does not like that she talks to strangers.

Back at the Sarkar Mansion, Meet gives instructions to the cooks for Manmeet's food while Sarkar tells Jasodha to make sure to have her taste everything she gets made for Manmeet.

Shagun does aarti for Manmeet's fast recovery and goes to his room to give him Aarti.

However, recalling the pimple infection, she slides the lighted diya near a sleeping Manmeet's bed and leaves.

Manmeet turns in his sleep and the comforter touches the diya lighting it on fire.

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