Meet 13th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th August 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 13th August 2023 episode starts with Sumeet fangirling about Shlok being none other than Wonder Boy.

Shlok immediately tells her that he's not Wonder Boy but Sumeet does not agree.

She brings up a moment from their college life when Shlok stated about him being a Wonder Boy to which he tells that he was lying.

A firecracker suddenly comes near Sumeet and Shlok insists she move but to no avail.

She tells him to tell the truth otherwise she'll resort to self-harm leaving Shlok to helplessly accept him being the Wonder Boy.

Shlok notices the firecracker about to burst and pulls Sumeet away leading them to lose balance.

They roll over a place filled with hay and Sumeet is finally on top of Shlok.

Both of them lock eyes and after a while get up with Sumeet uttering in disbelief about Shlok being none other than wonder boy.

Finally, Shlok tells Sumeet about Rajeev needing a huge amount of money for his operation.

Shagun gives them the money but in return asks Shlok to sign the contract thus giving the copyrights of his voice to Raunak.

Sumeet gets teary-eyed when Shlok accuses Shagun of snatching his dreams of being a singer.

He confesses about Shagun afterwards allowing him to pursue his dream if he leaves Sumeet.

Shlok and Sumeet hug each other but are interrupted by a flash of light.

Later, Shlok breaks the lock of their house while Sumeet insists everyone get inside.

Pankhudi taunts Sumeet for using her brother to get the property papers but Dadi supports Sumeet.

Poonam chides Sumeet on approaching Raj when Shlok tells her that it was Raj himself who coaxed them to accept the papers.

Poonam unwilling to go inside stands out but Dadi's insistence goes in making it clear to Sumeet that she hasn't forgiven her.

Meanwhile, Shagun on a call makes it clear about taking Raunak out of the mental hospital.

Suddenly she gets interrupted by drumbeats and sees Sumeet staring at her.

Shagun cries out at the loud noise insisting Sumeet stop after which she keeps her hand on the drum.

Shagun then adds of bringing in troubles purposely to trouble Sumeet but to her surprise Sumeet thanks her.

Sumeet adds that Shagun indirectly did an auspicious thing for her following which Shlok sings.

Shagun puts up that Shlok cannot sing adding that fate will never allow him to do that even if he wants to.

Sumeet laughs out at Shagun's statement bringing in Vaani's entry who tells that Shlok can be free from the contract if he pays ten crores.

Sumeet and Shlok agree to pay her the amount while Shagun taunts Shlok if he's planning to beg Raj for that.

She further calls him out on his shamelessness to which Shlok calls her out on stealing his voice.

Sumeet to celebrate Shlok attaining his voice again attempts to feed Shagun a sweet but fails.

Later at Shlok's household Rajeev hugs Shlok after getting to know about his sacrifice.

Sumeet gives sweets to everyone while Poonam adds that a huge pressure has loaded off from her heart today.

She then asks how will Shlok manage ten crores to which Raj mentions that he'll pay up the money.

Poonam disagrees but all the members including Rajeev and Dadi request her to agree and trust in Shlok.

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