Meet 13th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 13th February 2023 episode starts with Sapna telling Meet not to let Manmeet marry Shagun as the second bride is always the cuff of the first one.

However, when Sapna sees Jasodha approaching her, she fakes smiles and tells Meet to decorate Shagun’s hair with ‘gajra’.

Later, Jasodha gits Meet a gift, a cloth to be worn, and taunts her that it will be helpful when she has to wipe her tears.

The pandit ji soon arrives at Sarkar’s house as Manmeet sits at the mandap, along with Shagun whose face is veiled.

Manmeet tries to taunt Meet by saying she must remember all the rituals as she has to help him and Shagun get married.

Soon enough, Meet experiences a slight dizziness in her head and Manmeet thinks to himself that the “sharbat” he mixed alcohol in is starting to have its effect on her.

Meet sits down, holding her knees up while Manmeet jokes and says the girl they thought was a lion is actually a mouse who talks big shots like women empowerment, etc.

Manmeet then orders the Pandit to do his mantra chanting fast while Shagun stands up for the pheras while Manmeet is not able to.

Meet smiles to herself and a flashback is shown.

In the flashback, Meet applies invisible glue on the spot where Manmeet is supposed to sit and she tells herself now he will enjoy the rush of getting married.

In the present, Meet Hooda pretends to be drunk and claps her hands, taunting Manmeet that it doesn’t look like he wants to marry Shagun.

He gets angry and tells Meet that he will get married and sits up immediately.

However, while doing so, Manmeet’s trousers rip apart, shocking everyone while pandit ji says that Manmeet’s back map is exposed to everyone now.

Meet gives the cloth that Jasodha gave to her and asks Manmeet to use it while Manmeet angrily leaves the spot and returns after changing clothes.

Just then, SP Bhatti arrives at the Sangwan house and announces that Manmeet cannot marry Shagun as it is illegal to get married when one already has a wife.

Mahendra asks SP Bhatti to leave as it must be Meet Hooda’s plan to call the SP.

However, Meet drunkenly announces that she hasn’t done so when she agreed to all of this.

SP Bhatti then tells everyone that it was Shagun who lodged the complaint while in a flashback, Meet is shown mixing the glue in Shagun’s lipstick so she isn’t able to speak in front of the police.

Back to the present, Manmeet urges Shagun to say something while SP Bhatti says he will drop Shagun back to her house as she is being forced into all this and given inebriated substances.

While the lady constable carries Shagun away, Meet whispers into her ear, saying education could have done well for Shagun but instead, she chose to spend all her time in makeup and gossiping.

Manmeet gets angry and grabs Meet’s hand, threatening her that she committed the biggest mistake of her life.

He breaks her bangles by pressing them too hard and reminds Meet that she is a widow.

Pain strikes Meet as Manmeet tells her that he knows her real intention, saying he won’t give the factory papers back.

He shows the door to Meet Hooda who grabs her neck, trying to calm herself down as for Meet Ahlawat, she will take any humiliation.

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