Meet 13th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th July 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 13th July 2023 episode starts with Shlok bringing Sumeet inside his room and putting her on bed while she continues shivering in the cold.

He looks at her and brings the towel for her telling her to dry herself.

However, Sumeet's hands shake and Shlok takes the towel from her to dry her hair.

Sumeet's Chunri flies over her head while Shlok removes it along with her jewelry as if it is their first night.

He also gives her a glass of warm milk and asks her if she's okay.

Shlok gets angry!

When Sumeet says that she's alright, Shlok starts demanding the truth from her and even throws the glass breaking it into shards in anger.

Sumeet gets shocked to see this side of him while he tells her to not say any lies as it is only them inside the room.

Shockingly, Sumeet also throws her glass and tells him that she will break things even more if it proves her point.

She tells him that she just broke the glass but he broke her heart as she reveals that she expected him to accept that he married her.

He tells her that the truth cannot leave this room.

Back at the Ahlawat house, the police officers show the CCTV footage of Sumeet sitting behind Shlok while Raj recognizes it and thinks that Shlok brainwashed Sumeet and kidnapped her.

He tells Amma that he will not leave Shlok if he does anything to Sumeet and leaves with the police.

Sumeet gets scared of the lizard!

At Shlok's home, he tells Sumeet that Raj will destroy his family while she reasons that she will talk to her brother but he has to accept that he married her.

In his anger, Shlok gets annoyed when Sumeet repeats his sentence and he muffles her mouth telling her to not mock him.

However, Sumeet sees a lizard and runs to the bed telling him to remove it.

He also gets on the bed to talk to her while jumping as they argue and break the bed.

Poonam comes there hears the noise and gets shocked to see them in a compromising position.

Shlok runs after his mother telling her that it is not what it seems while his mother tells him to swear on her life.

The whole family watches as Shlok tells Poonam that he has not gotten married to Sumeet with his will.

Puman hugs Shlok and tells him to call the police beforehand or else Sumeet's brother can come there and accuse them.

Raj arrives with the Police!

Just then, the bells ring and Raj arrives there with the police demanding to arrest Shlok for kidnapping Sumeet.

Pooman tells Raj to stay away from her son and tells the police to take away Sumeet as it is she who came to their house.

Seeing Poonam holding Sumeet's hand, Raj gets angry and starts destroying the house while throwing Shlok toward the police telling them to take him away.

However, Sumeet interrupts saying that no one will take away her husband and takes Raj aside.

She tells him that she does not know why Shlok is refusing the marriage but it is about her dignity now.

Shlok tells the sibling duo that he does not want to prove anything and tells Raj to take away his sister.

Sumeet tells Shlok that a girl's house is his husband's house after marriage and she will not go anywhere.

Shlok's brother starts questioning Sumeet while Raj gets triggered and tells Sumeet that she will come with him.

However, Sumeet stops her brother and states that she needs only 21 days to prove that she got married to Shlok and asks Raj to give her that much time.

Just then, Shagun and Raunak come there, saying if Sumeet cannot prove herself in 21 days, Sumeet has to be with Raunak now.

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