Meet 13th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 13th June 2023 episode starts with Meet finding herself in the local police station accompanied by her mother-in-law, Jasodha.

Their purpose is to request the authorities to bail out Meet, as Jasodha denies any involvement in the heinous act of setting Gunwanti on fire.

Determined to clear her name, Jasodha adamantly insists that she would never engage in such a horrific act against her own daughter-in-law.

However, the officer reveals that he possesses a statement given by Gunwanti herself, in which she accuses Jasodha of being the one responsible for attempting to take her life.

The revelation lands like a crushing blow, shattering any hope of immediate payback.

Meanwhile, Manmeet is worried about his mother being in jail so he confronts Shagun and accuses her of spreading false rumors about his mother.

Manmeet grabs Shagun's Neck

He pressures Shagun to give a statement proving Jasodha's innocence, but Shagun refuses, revealing that her only desire is to see Meet suffer.

Frustrated by the jealousy displayed by Shagun, Manmeet grabs her by the neck and forcefully asks her to give her statement revealing the truth.

Shagun cries for help and is rescued by two constables at the police station.

She chuckles a burst of evil laughter and reveals that she purposely called the two constables because she knew Manmeet would react hysterically.

On the other hand, Meet is trying her best to get Jasodha out of jail by approaching a police officer to issue a bail order.

The police officer refuses to issue bail as it is a sensitive case of domestic violence, where the victim Gunwanti herself testified against Jasodha.

He says that the only way out of this is to convince Gunwanti to change or take back the statement she gave against Jasodha.

In a distressing turn of events, Manmeet finds himself being forcefully escorted to the police station by two constables.

The constables assert that Manmeet attempted to strangle Shagun, an accusation that leaves Meet shocked.

In a moment of raw emotion, he exclaims that if given the opportunity, he would indeed kill Shagun.

Meet, realizing the severity of his words, interjects, urging the officer to not take Manmeet's statement seriously.

The officer acknowledges Meet's plea and lets Manmeet go for now.

Meet scolds Manmeet and says that this situation is very sensitive and can not be handled with rage.

Meet continues to tell him that this urge for revenge in Mahendra and Gunwanti has led to all this happening and that they should stop it.

Meet adresses the Village Panchayat

She begs him to be her backbone and give her strength, rather than becoming a burden as everything is messed up all around.

She promises Manmeet that both of them will manage to get Jasodha out of jail and fix things between the family.

Meet enters the panchayat (assembly) as the new “sarkaar” of the village and addresses the gathering.

Mahendra states that he wants justice for his wife who was set up on fire, to which the people gathered around agrees to.

Meet clarifies that Jasodha would never attempt to set Gunwanti on fire and that it is all a misunderstanding.

Meet faces accusations from everyone, claiming that she is favoring Jasodha and creating bias within the assembly.

Mahendra confronts Meet, giving her an ultimatum: either deliver justice or step down from her position as sarkaar.

Amidst the assembly, chaos erupts as Meet questions Mahendra while Mahendra defiantly declares his intention to continue causing trouble for Meet.

Meanwhile, Manmeet rushes to the hospital requesting Gunwanti to change her statements against Jasodha.

Gunwanti refuses to change her decision as she continues to blame Jasodha for the condition she is in.

On the other hand, Sarkaar refuses to take his medicines as he misses Jasodha in the house while the kids convince him to stay strong.

Meet urgently approaches Mahendra, aware of the fragile state of their family.

She pleads with him to stop seeking justice and declares her readiness to do anything to secure Jasodha's release from jail.

Seeing an opportunity, Mahendra imposes a condition on Meet and proposes that she sells her medicine factory for a whopping 50 crores in exchange for Jasodha's freedom.

While the shock of Mahendra's demand leaves Meet speechless and wide-eyed with disbelief, Gunwanti calls Shagun and tells her about Manmeet’s plea.

She reveals that the wounds and the pain she pretended to be in, weren’t real and that it was all Shagun’s plan.

Just then, Manmeent realizes he has forgotten his key in Gunwanti’s room and approaches her room while Gunwanti doesn’t know that he is coming.

Meet realizes that Mahendra is manipulating their vulnerable situation for his own gain while she gets caught up in a grave dilemma.

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