Meet 13th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 13th March 2023 episode starts with Meet telling God that now, she has understood that her ambitions are linked with this house and prays for the people of the house for guidance and also to cure her injuries as she has a lot to do on Holi. 

Just then, Meghna comes to Meet with a glass of water and praises her for caring about the family who first inflicted wounds on her and then did not offer a word of sympathy or a glass of water. 

She also warns Meet of the challenges that she has taken upon herself by coming back to this house. 

However, Meet tells her that she is back with double motivation and that one day soon, all the women in this family will come forward to inaugurate the factory. 

Later, Manmeet watches Meet struggle to apply her medicine and comes to apply the medicine as she has earned his respect. 

Manmeet tells Meet that he respects her determination to stay her ground in the ring and not leave despite the pain and injuries she suffered. 

After a while, seeing Meet's feet in pain, Manmeet checks them and despite Meet’s painful protests, he sets her bone right while Meet uses his shoulder to curb her scream and for a moment, both of them forget their differences. 

After a while, Shagun calls Manmeet while Meet tells him to switch off the light. 

When Manmeet refuses and tells Meet to find a way to switch off the light if her leg is paining or go to sleep with lights on. 

Meet looks around and uses the candle stand to switch off the light which stuns Manmeet. 

Manmeet gets irritated and tells Shagun that they will talk later.

The next morning, Jasodha finds Meet in the Kitchen who offers to prepare food for everyone alone. 

Jasodha uses this as an opportunity and tells Meet that if she agrees, then she will have to prepare food in the typical traditional way without using a mixer and gas stove, and food of twenty types. 

Hearing Jasodha talk about housekeeping as not a game, Meet accepts the challenge and tells her that she will do it as per instructions.  

After a while, Meet is preparing food for Holi when Gunwanti and the other women of the house watch her and bet with each other that Meet will not be able to make the whole food. 

However, Meet is stuck seeing butter churner as she has never made it and fools Manmeet into teaching her the process. 

Soon, Meet readies everything and starts cooking while Gunwanti tells Imarti to allow Meet to prepare food for everyone alone by doing something mischievous.

On the other hand, Sundari and Anuja are worrying about Meet, thinking of the tough work that Meet has taken upon herself.

Meanwhile, Anuja tells Sundari that she has faith in Meet and that she will be able to accomplish this task successfully as well. 

After a while, Imarti comes to the kitchen and pours water into the wood stove so that Meet cannot prepare food for anyone and fails. 

Meet turns in time to see Imarti leaving the kitchen and wonders what she was doing in the kitchen. 

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