Meet 13th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th October 2023 Written Update

Meet 13th October 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 13th October 2023 episode starts with the Chaudhary's smiling amongst themselves as they prepare for Sumeet and Shlok's haldi ceremony.

Just then, an adorned Sumeet enters led by Priyanka and Pankhudi, making everyone happy.

Seeing Sumeet, Raj tells her that he's very happy for her adding that, even if she's grown she'll always remain his little sister.

Later, Sumeet asks Pankhudi to take part in the haldi-crushing ceremony since she's married, but Pankhudi hesitates.

Raj attempts to defend Pankhudi, but Pankhudi goes forward and participates in the haldi grinding.

From upstairs, Shlok screams out telling the family to lower down their voice, since he has to submit his song to a producer.

Poonam asks Shlok why he is so agitated, leading Shlok to state that nobody is understanding his state.

Shlok further asks about Sumeet, leading Dadi to tell Shlok that he will not get to meet Sumeet, until the marriage.

Sumeet understanding that Shlok is stressed, then requests Poonam to let her meet Shlok, leading Poonam to agree.

In the room, Shlok tries singing but fails, during which Sumeet enters, but with her back turned towards Shlok. 

Sumeet tells Shlok that he's not supposed to see her, since this is the first time they're getting married with rituals.

However, Shlok tells Sumeet that he'll not be able to sing without seeing her, thus leading Sumeet to switch the lights off.

Sumeet then lights up candles and draws a curtain between her and Shlok, making Shlok sing, and after the song, Sumeet cheers for Shlok.

Afterwards, Shlok meets the music producer who after listening to his song, praises him stating that he will launch him.

The producer gives Shlok an advance of Rs 30,000 stating that it is the payment for the next recording.

He then writes a cheque, when Shlok asks the producer if he can abstain from writing the name on the cheque.

The producers asks for a reason, leading Shlok to smile and after a long while, Shlok reaches the Chaudhary premises.

Just as Shlok is about to enter, he hears the jeweller complaining to himself about why was he summoned if nobody needed to buy jewellery. 

Shlok gets reminded of Sumeet choosing flower jewellery and then asks the jeweller to show him a piece.

The jeweller shows him a piece, but suddenly, Raunak comes to Shlok stating that he can't afford the set for Sumeet.

However, Shlok tells the jeweller that he'll get the neckpiece adding to Raunak's shock.

Inside, while preparing halwa Sumeet tells Poonam that she is sure that Shlok will come in with good news.

Poonam agrees and then, asks Sumeet to serve the halwa, while she goes out to check the wedding preparations. 

She walks away, while Sumeet serves the halwa on the plate and decorates it with almonds, wording out congratulations, but the plate falls off, adding to Sumeet's worry.

Meanwhile, Shagun tells the producer that she will launch him internationally if he omits Shlok.

The producer is shocked, while on the other hand, Shlok decides to give an advance of Rs 30,000 to the jeweller for the neckpiece.

In the office, the producer tells Shagun that he has paid Shlok in advance, but Shagun insists the producer cancel his cheque, making the producer cancel out Shlok. 

In the meantime, Shlok gets the necklace while Shagun smiles to herself thinking that money will break Shlok and Sumeet's relationship. 

In the ceremony, Sumeet asks Shlok to tell him about his meeting with the producer and Shlok tells it was good.

Sumeet informs about this to the family, making everyone happy, but they're interrupted by a veiled Rajasthani lady, who asks if it's the Chaudhary's home.

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