Meet 14th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 14th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 14th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 14th February 2023 episode starts with Meet telling everyone that if they want her to leave, then she will go from the house on her own terms.

Meet climbs on a stool (pretending to be intoxicated) and puts a cloth on the ceiling and ties it around her neck in an attempt to commit suicide which shocks the family.

She says that a daughter-in-law comes to her in-laws’ house in a palanquin and now she will leave from there on her deathbed.

Jasodha and Mahendra try to stop her while Manmeet picks up a knife and slits the cloth, making Meet fall on him.

Manmeet leaves angrily while Meet thinks that he is angry at not being able to marry Shagun unknown to the pain he has given her, Raj, and Babita.

Later, Manmeet starts doing vigorous exercise with rope and remembers the earlier incident where police warned him to not remarry when Shagun also video calls him and cries.

Meanwhile, Meghna shows Meet her room where she will stay with Manmeet and also tells her Manmeet’s daily routine.

Meet asks Meghana to stay while talking about her dream but she says people from Patal lok can not enter Vaikunddham (a reference to Hindu scripture).

She then elaborates on the meaning of Patal lok (those ladies who have given birth to a girl) and Vaikunth dham (those who have given birth to boys) which makes Meet question the rules of this strange place.

Meghna tells Meet that currently, she is the only hope in her life.

At the same time, Shagun reminds Manmeet of their dream of staying together and blames Meet for ruining it.

Manmeet pledges to take revenge on Meet and lights a fire on cloth and comes out of the dark room to his room.

Manmeet takes the burning stick towards Meet’s bed and sprinkles Kerosene, saying he will lift her deathbed, and goes to fire the bed.

However, Sarkar holds his hand and takes him aside, asking him to not commit such a big mistake as he is the smartest of all his children.

Later, Sarkar offers alcohol to Manmeet but he denies it saying he has a match and his coach has asked him not to drink.

When Sarkar asks Manmeet to think about the connections of Meet’s parents before taking an action, Manmeet demands that he wants only Shagun and this is his first demand in the last 24 years when he was away from him.

Sarkar suggests Manmeet give back the factory papers to Meet then he will get him married to Shagun.

However, Manmeet angrily announces this is a lifelong enmity while Sarkar wonders why Meet married Manmeet when she could have taken the factory papers some other way.

The next day, Meet looks from her room’s window and sees Gunwanti talking to Mahendra nicely regarding a kurta but he rebukes her while Gunwanti passes her anger on other ladies of the house.

Meanwhile, a small girl, Mahendra’s daughter and Sarkar’s granddaughter (no mention of her mother or grandmother) asks Meet to get ready in a very sharp voice as it is her "Muh Dikhayi" function.

Gunwanti comes to dress Meet while on the other hand, Jasodha wonders what Manmeet is planning for the function.

When an old lady goes to lift Meet’s veil, Manmeet stops her and tells Meet that in Sarkarpur they do a special ritual of embedding their husband’s name on their forearm.

Manmeet holds Meet’s arm and asks her to do the same.

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