Meet 14th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 14th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 14th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 14th June 2023 episode starts with Mahendra encircling Meet while threatening her to sell her factory, otherwise a case of domestic violence will be registered against Jasodha, following which Baapu Sarkar and Manmeet will be left traumatized.

On the other side, Gunwanti is happily chatting via videocall with Shagun, but as soon as Manmeet reaches her ward, she pretends to commit suicide as she doesn’t intend to live with her burn scars.

Manmeet tries to mollify her anger, but she bluntly orders him to get out of her ward.

Meanwhile, Meet being resistless agrees to sell her factory to Mahendra under his coercions.

Hearing this, Sumeet exclaims that the factory was Meet’s biggest dream, but Meet makes her realise that no dream can be greatest than family’s welfare.

Meet then asks Mahendra to immediately withdraw Gunwanti’s FIR against Jasodha.

The next day, Manmeet rushes to the portico, where Bapu Sarkar, Sumeet and Chiku are present, asking them about Meet’s whereabouts.

Soon, Meet arrives and Jasodha follows her while all are shocked to see her back from jail.

Jasodha becomes emotional and adores the walls of her house, while Sumeet and Chiku rush to hug her, while Meet promises the kids to take them on a summer trip with whole family.

Later, Jasodha goes on to touch Bapu Sarkar’s feet and joins her hands thanking Meet for her kindness.

Manmeet asks the kids to leave and asks Meet how she was able to rescue Jasodha by changing Mahendra and Gunwanti’s uncompromising nature.

Hesitantly, she says they both realised their deeds and considered their family’s love and respect which made them withdraw the case.

Although, Manmeet listens, he finds it cynical while Jasodha says she has given birth to Mahendra and knows his greedy and adamant, which could never prompt him to do such a great thing.

Jasodha rushes and to put Meet’s hand over Manmeet’s head and makes her swear her by her name to tell the truth whether Mahendra himself withdrew the case.

Meet withdraws her hands, as all look at her perplexed and bizarre.

Meanwhile, Shagun enters with a huge model of Meet’s factory and drops it in front of everyone.

Further, she steps over the model, crushing them while Manmeet screams at her but Shagun stops her by saying that she has come her to reveal them about the sole thing, Meet is hiding them.

Shagun shows them the factory’s auction papers and reveals that Meet has sold her factory in return of withdrawal of the case.

Hearing this, all look at Meet puzzled while Shagun leaves the house laughing and mocking at Meet’s defeat.

Jasodha shouts that Meet telling she never wanted her freedom, at the cost of her dreams.

According to her, Meet not only shattered her aspirations but also shattered income and dreams of all other women who were working in the factory.

She states she could never forgive herself for this situation and shouts at Manmeet to sort out some way to bring back the factory.

Later, Manmeet fuming with anger leaves the house while Meet follows him and trying to calm him down.

Manmeet questions her why she did not ask anyone else before taking this big decision but Meet explains that she was forced to submit to the coercions and saving Jasodha was more important than any other business and deeds.

Meet clenches Manmeet’s hands and tells him that together they will work hard day and night and build their dreams again and asks whether Manmeet will always be there to support her, to which he agrees.

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