Meet 14th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 14th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 14th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 14th March 2023 episode starts with Gunwanti and Imarti coming towards the kitchen talking about Meet’s incompetency for not being able to cook the food. 

However, they are shocked to see Meet cooking happily and ask them if they can smell the aroma. 

Imarti asks her how she managed to build fire while Meet tells her that she has enough fire in her heart to build a small fire like this. 

Just then, Imarti hears a noise coming from her room and rushes to check it. 

She is shocked to see her bed without legs and realizes that Meet has used her bed legs to build fire. 

Meet Surprises Jasodha 

After a while, Meet presents the food to God when Jasodha comes with Gunwanti and is shocked to see that Meet has cooked everything. 

On hearing yes in answer, Jasodha tells her that she will not be able to win hearts by cooking food for the family, otherwise, every servant who cooks food will become the queen of the house.

However, Meet tells her that there is a difference between cooking by a servant or by a family member because family members add their love while cooking but servant does not. 

Jasodha tells her that she will not be able to win her son like this because he will always hate her. 

Manmeet Loves the Food

Later, Manmeet praises each and every item of food and tells Jasodha that everything is so delicious and aromatic that he cannot bring himself to wait for anyone.

Meanwhile, Meet looks meaningfully at Jasodha while Sundari, Meghna, and Anuja smile with great delight at Meet’s success. 

Jasodha is Nostaligic

After a while, Jasodha holds Sarkar’s feet reminiscing about her first day in this house till now and the love that he has always bestowed upon her. 

However, Sarkar recalls Imarti’s news about Jasodha where she told him that Jasodha has give Meet factory papers with Manmeet’s sign on it. 

Sarkar pushes her with her feet while Jasodha becomes scared and asks him if she has done anything wrong. 

Sarkar looks angrily at her but tells her to not show a crying face to him in the morning as the day has just started.

Later, Manmeet gives instructions to the photographer to keep Meet in his camera focus all the time or he will have to answer him. 

After a  while, Sarkar is giving instructions to Badri about Holi preparation when Jasodha comes with tea and asks him what is troubling him. 

Sarkaar tells her in a poetic way that if a woman betrays her husband then the husband has the power to stop her from being. 

Jasodha does not understand the taunt but becomes happy seeing him smile. 

Meanwhile, Sarkar tells Jasodha that she will not be able to forget this Holi ever. 

Holi at Sarkar House

Later, everyone is enjoying the colours while dancing and coloring each other.

Soon, Sarkar also joins them when Jasodha comes to him to offer her respect by applying colour to his feet. 

However, Sarkar recalls Imarti’s complaint against Jasodha and walks away before she can apply colour. 

Jasodha is shocked at the strange attitude and feels disappointed.

Later, Manmeet comes to the Holi celebration and tells Sarkar that they will celebrate Holi as they have planned. 

After a while, Sarkar again ignores Jasodha and colours Manmeet instead. 

Afterward, all the daughter-in-laws applied colour to Sarkar’s feet while Meghna tells Meet that there are also women who are treated differently as men apply colour on Sarkar's forehead while women apply it to his feet. 

Afterward, all the men go to colour their wives while Manmeet applies colour to Shagun. 

Manmeet Frames Meet

In the meantime, SP Bhati comes to play Holi with the Sarkar family while Manmeet looks happy to see him and calls Meet to meet Bhati. 

Manmeet offers colour to apply on Bhati and records the whole process on a camera. 

Bhati also applies colour to Manmeet and Sarkar while Jasodha feels hurt at being ignored by Sarkar. 

Later, Manmeet adds Bhaang (hemp) to the drink to bring Bhaati and Meet together. 

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