Meet 14th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 14th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 14th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 14th May 2023 episode starts with Manmeet and Meet both holding Chiku's hand and bringing them inside the Sarkar mansion as Kanika looks on.

She thinks that she needs to enter the house from the back gate so that she can catch the boy at the right time without him knowing of her presence.

Meet gives water to Chiku and brings medicine to aid to his wound while Kanika looks on from afar and thinks that the boy has become a death trap for her.

As Chiku hisses due to the pain, Meet blows wind on it and ties his wound with a bandage while continuing to look at him with a motherly gaze.

Meet stands up and goes to Manmeet while telling him that she thinks he is the same boy who had escaped from the orphanage since he seems so scared and timid.

Manmeet suggests her calling Chanda while he goes to check up on Sumeet.

Chanda asks Meet why she left in a hurry while Meet tells her about Chiku and tells her that she will send a picture of him so that she can ask the other orphanage kids if he is the same boy who had escaped.

Meet clicks Chiku's pictures and then gives him a notepad and pen telling him that he can tell them about him by writing also.

On the other hand, Gunwanti complains about Meet and Manmeet not attending the Bhoomi Poojan while Jasodha tries to defend them saying that they might be stuck in some work.

However, Sarkar tells Jasodha to stay silent and states that Manmeet should have been with them.

At home, Chiku recalls Kanika killing Mohan and throws the notepad in fear while Meet hugs him.

Manmeet comes there and calms him while informing Meet that Sumeet already knows Chiku and has been helping him since the Bhoomi Poojan day.

Sarkar and other family enter just then and Manmeet tries to explain but Sarkar does not listen to him and walks away.

Mahendra says that they left their family for an outsider boy while Gunwanti rebukes him for wearing Veer's clothes assuming that he stole them.

Gunwanti tries to thrash the kid but Meet stops her and tells her to not even think about harming the boy again.

Sarkar leaves telling Manmeet not to do drama of being family when he cannot take the responsibility of supporting the family in their endeavors and leaves.

Later, Meet is praying to God while Lata finds the Chiku's necklace in the toy basket and goes to give it to Meet.

However, seeing that Meet is busy doing Pooja, Lala leaves the necklace at the temple near the Pooja Thaal and leaves to attend to other work.

Manmeet comes and sits beside Meet while she opens her eyes.

She hugs him and reveals to him that she thinks that her Chiku is in her presence only.

Manmeet tells her that if she feels that way, then it must be true since a mother's instincts are never wrong.

He looks into her eyes telling her that Goddess will bring her child in her lap.

Chiku is seen crying in the room while Meet hugs Manmeet and tells him that they will pray for her Chiku.

On the other hand, Kanika thinks that she'll get rid of the boy once Manmeet and Meet go out for the Pooja.

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