Meet 15th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 15th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 15th April 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 15th April 2023 episode starts with Sarkar calling the nurse to him and giving her money as a reward.

Surprisingly, Minakshi (Meet) takes the money and thanks while showing the ring and stating that she found it in the house.

Shagun takes the ring and states that it is hers while the rest of the ladies also come forward and states that it is theirs.

Jasodha states that Sarkar had gotten the ring for her and others liked the design so made it for themselves.

Meet gets confused and later meets up with Chanda stating that the person who attacked Manmeet is inside the Sarkar Mansion.

The next day, Jasodha acts as if she is still in support of Meet on Sarkar's orders who wants to test the nurse to see if the nurse is teamed up with Meet or not.

Meet thinks that Jasodha knows something about that day and is about to go to her but stops seeing Sarkar.

Just then, Shagun comes there and tells Jasodha that the ring is hers and takes the ring.

However, Meet is watching everything and is fascinated to learn that it is Shagun who attacked Manmeet and framed her.

Manmeet comes there just then and Shagun gives him the ring to put it on her finger.

He notices the burn mark on her hand and questions her while she makes up an excuse.

On the other hand, Meet AKA Minakshi shouts shocking everyone while she takes the Pooja plate from Jasodha and gives everyone aarti.

She further stops Shagun from taking Manmeet and tells her to clean all the utensils of the temple and do fast for Manmeet.

She drags Shagun toward the mirror and states that the killer will be exposed very soon.

On the other hand, Sarkar tells Jasodha to give him every piece of information while Shagun overhears them and gets scared thinking that Sarkar is also after the attacker along with Meet.

She forms a plan and says that she has found the path.

At night, Meet feeds Manmeet while she is lost thinking about Shagun and the meaning of love.

She asks Manmeet if love means gaining.

However, he tells her that love means to sacrifice and compromise along with having patience and understanding.

He states that one cannot win love but has to get it.

Meet asks Manmeet what he would do if he learns one day that Shagun has gotten him by trick.

He says that it is not possible, and if it does happen, it would be the last day of their relationship.

Shagun comes there just then and tells Minakshi (Meet) to get medicines from the market.

Meet leaves the room worried while Shagun closes the door and sits beside Manmeet.

He gifts her a bracelet and tells her that she can sense all his pain and happiness.

Just then, Shagun handcuffs him to the bed and touches his hand sensually while Meet thinks that she is trying to torture him and gets scared.

Further, Shagun blindfolds him and acts as if Meet has come inside his room through the window while Meet watches everything through the window.

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