Meet 15th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 15th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 15th August 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 15th August 2023 episode starts with the Chowdhury's packing their bags per Rajeev's order, while Raj, continues calling Sumeet, but to no avail. 

Suddenly electricity goes off and Pankhudi requests Sarthak to switch on a torch when they see light coming through.

From the battlefield of Shagun's house, Sumeet enters with a diya and Raj out of concern runs upto her.

He asks her about her whereabouts following which all of them get to know of Sumeet's visit with Shagun.

She further adds that neither the Chowdhury's will have to leave their house nor will Shlok be jailed.

Later Sumeet opens up about Shagun's game and Shlok accuses Sumeet of pushing his family towards troubles.

He insists her to describe the game but to his dismay hears Shagun's voice who comes inside with a file.

Shagun adds that Sumeet has already signed the game papers which have four tasks, if they lose they'll have to be her slaves for life.

After stating her plan, she goes away with arrogance wishing them a nice sleep since tomorrow she will come with the first task.

Dadi and Poonam break down while Raj tells Sumeet that it was not a good decision from her side.

Sumeet then asks for a coin and on receiving it tosses it receiving head, and through this instills the Chowdhury's with determination to win the game.

Meanwhile, Shagun gets inside but is greeted by an insane Raunak throwing things all around her.

Raunak's helper attempts to chain him down but is threatened by Shagun to not do so, who then goes infront of Raunak comforting him.

Raunak looks at her with big, angry eyes and strangles her gradually pushing her upto the wall not paying heed to Shagun's cries.

He takes hold of a drilling machine and attenpts to harm Shagun with it but is gradually caught by the helpers who tie him down.

A distraught Shagun cries hugs Raunak, but at the same time curses Sumeet to never have a peaceful life.

She adds that when Shlok will be tied down in chains just as Raunak is, he will be termed as an anti-social too.

In the morning, on Shagun's orders a group of nagada players force themselves in the Chowdhury household.

Shagun adds that it's almost time for them to play the game while Shlok asks her to get out stating that they won't play any.

Shagun feigns threatening them with a police siren and upon seeing their pale faces laughs in an evil manner.

She orders Sumeet to make them understand that they have to play the game while the Chowdhury's state that they are ready to go to jail with Shlok.

Shagun then brings the first part of her four games as stated asking Sumeet to beat a nagada dhol.

Pankhudi terms it as a easy thing to do but gets shocked when Shagun adds, that all the nine members in the family, will be inside the nagada dhol.

However, Shagun adds that there will be one empty nagada dhol which Sumeet has to find out and play that for two hours continuously.

Sumeet stares at Shagun in horror while Shagun challenges her to come forward, since she terms her love for the Chowdhury's to be so great.

She tells that Sumeet has only one hour to make her decision and if she agrees, she has to come to the independence day function.

Shagun heads out while Shlok facing Sumeet tells her, that if any of the family members fall in trouble, she'll be blamed for it.

Shlok and all the family members get out, while a troubled Sumeet thinks about Akki and being at crossroads at the same time.

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