Meet 15th July 2022 Written Update

Meet 15th July 2022 Written Update

Meet 15th July 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 15th July 2022 episode starts with Manjiri saying she only let Meet Ahlawat hold her hand because Raj insisted. 

However, Meet Ahlawat says that he has no interest in holding her hand. 

The next day, Manjiri is singing a devotional song early in the morning while feeding Raj, which disturbs Meet Ahlawat’s sleep. 

Meet Ahlawat calls up Hoshiyar Jiju to hire fake goons and Masoom overhears his conversation and she decides to tell Manushi about this. 

Meanwhile, Isha’s parents receive a call from Barfi Devi and she says that they need to make 20 envelopes of 10,000 rupees each for Barfi Devi’s relatives, which worries Ragini. 

Ragini says to Ram that they should tell everyone in the family about the dowry. 

However, Ram says that if Raj gets to know about this, he will cancel the wedding. 

When Manjiri goes out to buy some stuff from the market, some men surround her and start troubling her. 

Meet Ahlawat watches Manjiri get eve teased from the corner thinking that these are his fake goons and Manjiri tries to fight them off. 

However, they are actually real goons sent by Manushi so that she can trick Manjiri into revealing her true identity. 

Manjiri starts screaming and Meet Ahlawat gets a call from Hoshiyar Jiju who says that his fake goons never reached there. 

Meanwhile, Barfi Devi comes to Isha’s house and offers her sweets, but Isha refuses and Barfi Devi shames her for this. 

She asks Isha to eat an entire laddoo if she wants to be Deep’s wife. 

Barfi Devi gets up to feed Isha from her own hands and forcefully stuffs it into Isha’s mouth.  

Barfi Devi brings up the matter of dowry and says that they have a tradition of weighing the bride against the dowry to make sure the dowry is not less than the girl’s weight. 

Meanwhile, the goons who surrounded Manjiri kidnap her and put a cloth on her mouth to stop her from screaming. 

They take her to a secluded godown where Meet Ahlawat comes and fights them to rescue Manjiri. 

He unties her and at the same time, Hoshiyar Jiju comes and accidentally reveals about Meet Ahlawat hiring fake goons for Manjiri. 

Manjiri is furious at him and says that he has crossed all limits today. 

She says that now she understands why Meet Hooda would have left him because he has no respect for anyone. 

When Manjiri leaves the place, Meet Ahlawat also starts lashing out. 

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