Meet 15th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 15th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 15th June 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 15th June 2022 episode starts with 

 Meet telling Sunaina that it was selfish of her for ignoring Duggu's hesitancy in calling her a mother.

Further, Meet Hooda tells her that she got a second chance to become a mother when Tej adopted Ram and Lakhan.

However, Sunaina takes that as an insult and says that she will condemn her till the day she died.

Sunaina takes her bags and starts heading towards the door while Ram and Lakhan try to stop her saying that they will leave instead of her.

Sunaina pushes them away and Lakhan gets injured while the family rushes to aid him while shouting Sunaina's name.

Meet Hooda stands in front of Sunaina and shows her how the kids are still thinking about her happiness while being in pain and tells her to accept the kids into her lap.

Sunaina recalls all the moments when Ram and Lakhan tried to impress her and rushes to Lakhan.

She apologizes to them and tells them that she won't leave if they give her a chance to become their mother with teary eyes.

The kids address Sunaina as 'Mumma' and hug her while Tej thanks Meet Hooda in his thoughts for making his family whole again.

Just then, Meet Hooda tells him to join the hug and later gives her the ancestral necklace saying that she deserves it.

Sunaina tells Meet Hooda to call her sister again and they hug.

Later, the family does Sunaina's Godbharai rituals while she makes Ram and Lakhan sit with her.

Masoom tries to instigate Sunaina saying that she will not get to experience growing a baby while Sunaina retorts that she will be able to maintain her figure.

Afterward, Anubha massages Meet Hooda's body and tell her that the suffering a mother goes through.

Anubha further informs her that she will be returning home for the delivery of the baby while Meet Ahlawat comes there and requests them to invite him also.

Anubha goes to talk to Babita and Babita refuses to let Meet Hooda go back to Shahabad for delivery.

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