Meet 15th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 15th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 15th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 15th March 2023 episode starts with Manmeet about to add Bhaang to the drinks when Gunwanti begins to beat Manmeet and he drops the pill.

Manmeet runs to save his skin while Gunwanti follows him.

Soon Sapna and Imarti also join Gunwanti while everyone laughs at the antics. 

Jasodha feels sad at being ignored by Sarkar and Manmeet once again goes to add bhaang to the drink and forces it upon Meet. 

However Meet spews it out while Manmeet offers another glass to SP Bhati. 

SP Bhati is suspicious of Manmeet and pretends to take a sip and keeps the glass away as soon as he gets the chance. 

Unfortunately, Manmeet picks the same glass and gets intoxicated. 

After a while, Manmeet comes on a bike and flirts & dances with Meet.

Meet fights Manmeet’s flirting while SP Bhati thinks to leave since Manmeet is intoxicated, he will not do anything to Meet.

After a while, Anuja imagines that her family is celebrating Holi with love and laughter and everyone is treated equally. 

Soon, Gunwanti brings her out of her reverie and she wishes that her imagination come true one day.

Meanwhile, Sarkar throws water on Manmeet to bring him out of his intoxicated state and tells him that instead of framing Meet and Bhati, he himself is dancing with Meet. 

Sarkar tells him that if he fails today then he will not be able to win from Meet ever again. 

Later, Meet gets a note from a girl who is asking for her help. 

Bhati tries to follow her but Sarkar and Manmeet stop him and take him with them. 

After a while, Meet is about to fall into Manmeet’s trap when SP Bhati tries to stop her but he also falls with Meet. 

As they struggle to get up they come too close to each other which Manmeet records in his camera, thinking that he will present this proof in court and get rid of Meet.

Later, everyone returns home while Manmeet apologizes for his mistake. 

Jasodha calls Sarkar and tells him that this is the first Holi when he has not coloured her.

However, Sarkar stops her from colouring and tells her that this Holi they will not colour each other but he will colour the other woman. 

Just then, a woman in a veil enters the house and Sarkar offers colour to her. 

Jasodha who is watching the entry of another woman gets shocked to see Sarkar apply colour to the woman while Gunwanti proclaims that it is Jalebi, Imarti’s sister. 

Sarkar announces to everyone that Jalebi is his Molki. 

Jasodha falls on his feet begging him not to do this to her but Sarkar tells her that he has warned her that a single mistake or negligence will result in him bringing another woman. 

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