Meet 15th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 15th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 15th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 15th May 2023 episode starts with Meet going to check up on Sumeet while Manmeet comes there while being on call.

Manmeet informs her that the priest has given him tomorrow morning's time for the Pooja.

Meet nods as she goes and calls Chanda asking her if she has shown the picture to the kids and asked them.

Chanda starts showing the picture on her phone to the kids asking them if he is Mohan's friend who has escaped but all the kids say no.

The Manager sees Chanda on call and says that his doubt was correct that she was a spy and tells her that she has been fired.

Chanda tries to beg for the job while the manager tells her to get out.

Back at Sarkar mansion, Manmeet and Meet talk about the coincidence that Meet Ahlawat had kept the firstborn's name as Chiku while Sumeet also called the boy Chiku.

Later, Meet comes out of the room and gets surprised to see Chiku doing off while sitting by the wall.

She tells him to go to his bed but Chiku shakes his head after which Meet takes his hand and takes him to sleep with her and Manmeet in their room.

Meet sings a lullaby to put Chiku to sleep and smiles seeing him hold her hand in his sleep as she says that it feels like he sleeping peacefully after a long time.

The next morning, Gunwanti realizes that there is a Pooja hosted for Chiku and thinks that it is for the outsider Chiku and gets angry.

She complains about it to Mahendra while he also talks about Manmeet posting an ad for 2 lakhs of winning amount to whoever finds Chiku's parents.

Later, Kanika hides seeing Chiku while Chiku sees her mirror image and runs away in fear.

As he is running away, he crashes into the pooja items of Sarkar's Havan.

Sarkar angrily drags Chiku out into the hall and Chiku runs to Manmeet while Sarkar, Gunwanti, and Mahendra start complaining about Chiku.

Sarkar demands that Manmeet choose between his father or the outsider kid while Manmeet begs him to not put him in this dilemma.

However, Sarkar says that it is his Agnipariksha while Manmeet asks what will he have to do if he chooses the kid.

Sarkar tells Manmeet that he will have to leave the house with his wife and Manmeet turns to Meet and Chiku saying that he understands her reasoning to save and support the child and how she is still grieving the loss of her first child.

He tells Meet that he supports her decision and tells Sarkar that he will support this child and will leave the house with Meet.

Jasodha says that her children will not go anywhere and tells Sarkar to change his decision while Meet tells her to not worry.

She announces her decision to leave the house with Chiku and convinces Manmeet telling her that she will be back once she finds Chiku's parents.

Kanika calls someone and states that this Meet can ruin her plans if she reaches the orphanage.

In the meantime, Meet goes to Sumeet's room and bids her goodbye while Manmeet comes there and consoles her.

Kanika comes there just then and acts nice in front of them telling them that she cannot see them get separated.

She tells them that she will take Chiku with him and will find his parents with the help of the minister.

Manmeet convinces Meet to agree and Kanika tells them that she will call her staff to come and take Chiku.

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