Meet 15th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 15th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 15th November 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 15th November 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda pacing in the garden while she wonders how to find out which hospital Neelam is hiding in.

Further, Meet Hooda starts calling all the hospitals one by one and asks them if they have someone named Neelam admitted into their institution.

Meanwhile, Ragini cries to Sunaina that she wishes everything gets back to normal.

Sunaina asks Ragini if she still believes in Meet Hooda, Ragini says that she trusts Meet Hooda as much as she believes in the holy water.

Just then, Meet Hooda comes there and requests them to tell her which hospital Neelam is admitted into as she needs to know that to find out where Meet Ahlawat is.

Both Ragini and Sunaina refuse to help her while Ishani comes there and tells Meet Hooda that she is ready to help her in any way she can.

Elsewhere, Neelam shifts Meet Ahlawat to a different hospital bed and smiles as the driver leaves her alone with Meet Ahlawat in the room.

Later, Meet Hooda goes to Raj and requests help while Raj tells her that even if he cannot help her in front of everyone, he is with her.

Meet Hooda gets inspiration from Raj and thanks him while he asks her how they will find Meet Ahlawat and the hospital in which Neelam is admitted.

At the same time, Neelam wraps a bandage around Meet Ahlawat's face and covers it fully so that his facial features aren't visible.

Babita tells Barfi Devi that she is going to stay with Neelam at the hospital since she is sure Meet Hooda will try to go there.

However, Barfi Devi convinces Babita by saying that she will stay with Neelam and will take care of her.

At the same time, Raj goes to Masoom's room and gets information from her by acting.

Meet Hooda is eavesdropping on their conversation and gets to find out the hospital and the room number where Neelam is staying.

On the other hand, Neelam lays herself on the bed and cuddles into Meet Ahlawat's side while telling him that no one can separate him from her anymore.

Meanwhile, Babita stops Meet Hooda from leaving the house and tells her that she has created enough problems for the Ahlawat family.

Neelam shows her the Diyas that Meet Ahlawat had selected for Diwali and states that there will be no Diwali in the Ahlawat house if the heir of the family is not back by then.

Meet Hooda gets upset as Babita tells her that she will be responsible for the darkness and the sadness lingering in the house.

She holds the Diya in her hand and lights it while promising Babita that she will bring back Meet Ahlawat before Diwali.

Meet Hooda gives the burning Diya to Babita and tells her that Meet Ahlawat will be the one doing the Diwali pooja.

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