Meet 16th April 2022 Written Update

Meet 16th April 2022 Written Update

Meet 16th April 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 16th April 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda praying in front of Ashok Hooda's memorial and promising to find his killers.

Sunaina requests Tej to come shopping with him but he refuses and goes to Ram and Lakhan making Sunaina cry in despair at feeling distant from him.

Meet Ahlawat's surprise

In the kitchen, Raggini says that she forgot to give the tiffin to Meet Hooda when Meet Ahlawat offers to deliver it to his wife saying he did it purposefully for spending time with Meet Hooda.

Meanwhile, at the police station, Hawa Singh bullies Meet Hooda while she acts as apologising to him and following in his footsteps to make him trust her.

Meet Ahlawat overhears them leaves from there angrily while Meet Hooda runs after him to explain the situation.

However, Meet Hooda notices Hawa Singh spying on them and keeps lying to Meet Ahlawat who believes her lies and storms away from there.

Latika's lie

Later, Meet Hooda picks up Latika and takes her to the Ahlawat mansion to expose Santanu's wrongdoings but Latika lies to the family that Meet Hooda bribed her to lie.

Shantanu comes there as Latika is leaving remembering her parents being threatened while Shantanu questions Meet Hooda why she is so adamant about making him a criminal.

Meet Hooda tries to talk to Meet Ahlawat who ignores and goes to his car where he recalls Meet Hooda's conversation with Hawa Singh and gets angry.

Just then, Meet Hooda comes there and walks into his moving car and sits in the passenger car making Meet Ahlawat shout at her.

They are about to hit another car but step on break at the right time.

Meet Hooda questions Meet Ahlawat if he doesn't trust when she gets an order from the radio and goes out to converse while Meet Ahlawat rushes away.

Meet Hooda reaches home and sees Meet Ahlawat sitting beside Abhay and Shantanu along with the whole Ahlawat family.

Isha-Shantanu's engagement and wedding

Babita informs that the engagement ceremony is to be held tomorrow and that the marriage date is to be fixed after seven days.

Meet Ahlawat takes Meet Hooda away and reveals to her that he knows she met Deep as a flashback shows Meet Ahlawat picking an incoming call on Meet Hooda's phone who turns out to be Deep.

Later, Meet Hooda comes inside and requests Babita to let her do Shantanu's aarti.

Meet Hooda tells Shantanu to lean closer and challenges him that she will expose him in the next seven days.

Meet Ahlawat notices Meet Hooda's special smile and takes her aside to question what she is planning against Shantanu.

However, Meet Hooda starts flirting with Meet Ahlawat to distract him and leaves without giving him an answer.

In the evening, the family sits together and thinks about proposal ideas when Meet Hooda says that she has an idea and ties a thread to Meet Ahlawat's ring finger.

Afterward, Meet Hooda goes to the second floor and slides the ring into the threat from the other end which slides the ring into Meet Ahlawat's ring finger impressing everyone.

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