Meet 16th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 16th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 16th April 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 16th April 2023 episode starts with Meet standing shocked as she sees Shagun's drama which confirms that she is indeed the attacker.

Shagun runs around the room and even hits herself while she plays the recording of Meet telling Manmeet that she will not leave her.

The real Meet says that she will not let this happen and goes to Jasodha's room.

She locks it from inside and removes her glasses revealing that she is Meet, not Minakshi the nurse.

Jasodha laughs stating that Sarkar was right in identifying her while Meet tells her that she thinks Shagun is behind the attack on Manmeet.

Jasodha states that she will go and reveal the truth to Sarkar while Meet continues trying to convince her that she is not the attacker.

Meanwhile, Sarkar and the rest of the family return home and go towards Manmeet's room hearing Shagun's screams.

Jashodha goes after Sarkar and the family but stops hearing Shagun's words.

They go towards the window and see Shagun telling the family the lie about Meet coming there and attacking him.

The family believes Shagun while Jasodha questions herself how Meet could have been there when she is with her in Minakshi's attire.

Further, Jasodha and Meet watch as Shagun manipulates the family into thinking it would be best to send her and Manmeet abroad.

Sarkar agrees and tells Mahendra to arrange the tickets.

Jasodha drags Meet away and tells her to prove herself innocent and find the real culprit in twenty-four hours and Meet agrees.

In the market, Meghana is going with her friend when she sees the handsome man who helped her talking to the thief who stole her bag.

Thinking that it is his trick of wooing girls, she goes and slaps him.

However, he tells her that he does not have to justify himself to her and leave.

The thief stops Meghana and tells her that the handsome guy was helping him get a job so he doesn't have to resort to stealing.

Meghana feels bad for slapping the handsome guy and wonders how to contact him when the thief tells her that he has the handsome guy's phone number.

The handsome is watching them and smirks up at the thief revealing that it was his plan to impress Meghana while calling someone.

He tells the person on the other side that Mithun will keep his promise and trap Manmeet's sister, Meghana in his trap.

At the Sarkar house, Manmeet's younger sister is packing his bags while Jasodha comes there and hugs Manmeet getting emotional.

She talks about how going abroad was a big thing in the past but it has become a plaything now.

Sarkar watches the interaction while Manmeet reveals that he feels like he is running away from home due to the fear of Meet.

However, Sarkar enters the room stating that he will bring him back as soon as Parkati is killed by his men.

Sarkar leaves while Manmeet gets emotional and tells Jasodha how his only dream was to be with his family and because of Meet, it is being snatched away from him.

Manmeet cries into his mother's hands as he states that he hates Meet because she broke his trust.

Meet watches them and promises herself that she will expose Shagun in twenty-four hours.

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