Meet 16th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 16th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 16th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 16th March 2023 episode starts with Sarkar announcing that from now on, Jalebi, is his Molkki. 

Manmeet gets angry when Sarkar states that Jashodha has betrayed not only him but all the members of his family.

With tears streaming down her face, Jashodha loses control of her legs and falls down while Meet ducks down to comfort her.

When Sarkar reveals that Jashodha gave factory papers to Parkati, AKA Meet, Manmeet asks Jashodha if it is true and she timidly nods her head in agreement.

Manmeet questions her about how could she do this while Meet comes to defend Jashodha, stating she only did it for his happiness so his marriage with Shagun could happen and Meet could be driven away from his house.

Hearing this, Sarkar gets enraged and warns Meet not to equate crime with motherly love.

When he pulls Jalebi's hands toward the inside of the house, Manmeet holds her other hand and tells her that his mother is the Queen of Sarkarpur.

Jalebi gets scared and Sarkar sits down on the sofa, challenging Manmeet to go ahead and throw Jalebi out since there's a line of girls waiting to marry him.

He states that in 5 days he will get married to the Molkki but not Jashodha who runs to catch Sarkar's legs to beg.

However, Manmeet holds her back as she becomes a crying mess.

Meet goes to confront Sarkar in his room and states that Jasodha is not a material to be replaced with since she has given 30 years to his house.

Meet openly reveals that Sarkar is doing all this since Jasodha's motherly love over-powered her wife's duties and it is not getting digested by him.

Manmeet hugs a crying Jasodha to his chest while Meghana and Narendra intervene not to do this with a pleading voice.

With a fierce look on her face, Meet tells Sarkar to beware since it is a crime to get married twice when one already has a wife, making Sarkar stand up from his sofa.

Looking into her eyes intently, Sarkar tells Meet that he is well aware of the legalities and leaves the room, making a crying Jasodha run after him.

Jasodha and Manmeet both beg Sarkar not to take this step and Manmeet requests his father not to demolish the establishment of this house, which is his and Jasodha's relationship.

Jasodha gets panicked and brings a whip to Sarkar to beat her up with as a punishment while Meet bitterly watches the ugly scene happen in front of her.

Manmeet tries to emotionally tell Sarkar that Jasodha did all of this for his marriage with Shagun, but not to disobey Bapu Sarkar.

However, this doesn't faze Sarkar as he kicks Jasodha who has wrapped herself around his leg for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Imarti grins to see her sister, Jalebi, in Sangwan House and tells her to live with attitude now since she has Sarkar on her side.

Imarti then states that the family members tried to ruin her stay here by calling her Molkki and now this Molkki alone has disturbed the whole family.

In another room, all the family members gather as Sarkar shows Meet the divorce papers, labeling them as his solution for his second marriage. 

Meet seizes them and asks Jasodha who seems in shock to not put her thumbprint on it, otherwise, it would mean that she has agreed to divorce Sarkar. 

Manmeet also urges Jasodha not to put her thumb on it, yelling at Narendra, Mahendra, and Sundari to urge Jasodha not to take this step.

However, Jashodha screams suddenly and states that she cannot hear any more words against her God (Sarkar) and puts her thumb on the papers.

Manmeet seems as if he can cry while Meet gets angry.

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