Meet 16th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 16th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 16th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 16th May 2023 episode starts with Meet having a conversation with Chiku and telling him that some good-hearted people will come soon to take him.

She tells him that they will take him to his parents as they must be searching for him.

However, Chiku looks sad as Meet tries to placate his child's heart.

Just then, Meet gets a call from Kanika to come downstairs to meet her.

Chiku recognizes Rupali!

Kanika has come with a woman named Rupali to somehow convince Meet & Manmeet to hand over Chiku to them.

As Meet leaves, the gold anklet she wears comes out of her feet while Chiku picks it up to give to her.

In the backyard, Kanika introduces Rupali to Meet and takes her leave while Chiku upon recognizing Kanika gets scared for his life.

He hides in the interiors of the house while Meet invites Rupali inside to Sarkar.

As Manmeet tells Sarkar that Chiku is going to leave soon after Meet introduces Rupali to the family, Chiku cries and falls at Meet's feet with begging eyes.

Meet gets overcome with emotion and tells Rupali that she wants Chiku to stay with her until she finds her parents.

Mahendra comments that Chiku is a stubborn kid who is not leaving them while Jasodha also gets emotional witnessing the scene.

Sarkar puts a condition in front of Manmeet

Manmeet begs Sarkar to let Chiku stay here but Sarkar tells Manmeet that he might ask for a promise later if he allows Chiku to stay and Manmeet agrees.

Sarkar announces that Chiku can stay until his parents are found, making Meet happy. 

Later, Meet and Manmeet are discussing Chiku's whereabouts and how he is always so scared and fearful.

Meet thinks that Chiku belongs to some rich household and that is why the goons were after him but Manmeet says if that was the case, his parents would have done everything to get him back.

Kanika and Rupali who are spying on Meet and Manmeet state that Meet has again failed their plan as Meet tells Manmeet to keep security with both Chiku and Sumeet.

Later, Kanika calls the man working at the orphanage and asks him to remove every evidence of Chiku from the orphanage.

Gunwanti instigates Mahendra against Manmeet

Meanwhile, Gunwanti tries to instigate Mahendra into thinking that once again, Sarkar had to bend in front of Manmeet's request and states that Manmeet might become the next Sarkar.

Mahendra nods as he remembers how the village folk has been treating Manmeet as some kind of god after the opening of a pharmacy in the village.

Gunwanti tells Mahendra to open a liquor shop as then everyone will treat him as the God and in the end he only deserves to be the next Sarkar since he is the oldest.

She further reasons him to fill hatred in Sarkar against Manmeet for the bigger share of property.

Meet gets trapped in Kanika's Plan

Meanwhile, Meet is making Sumeet sleep when Kanika comes with a newspaper clipping of the missing boy.

Meet states that the boy's absence seems like a murder since she went to check the orphanage for some clues.

However, Kanika tells her that she can go again with the purpose of distributing medicines this time and Meet agrees.

The next day as Sarkar calls Jasodha who is carrying Sumeet's medicines to her, Kanika grabs the opportunity and mixes something in it.

Meanwhile, Meet reaches the orphanage as the man working under Kanika tries to butter her up.

Just then, two girls who are playing around fall, making a garbage bin fall.

Chiku's photo gets pasted on the girl's T-shirt which Meet notices and follows her later.

On the other hand, Manmeet is busy on a phone call when Jasodha comes to him and utters that Sumeet's health is suddenly ill.

At the orphanage, Meet distributes the medicines and fakes being thirsty to Kanika's man leaves her to get water.

After he leaves, Meet tries to show Chiku's photo to the same girl, asking if he is the one who went missing from the orphanage but the girl starts coughing suddenly.

Soon, all the kids cough and vomit out, and the news reach to Kanika who smirks, saying that her plan is working well.

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