Meet 16th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 16th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 16th November 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 16th November 2022 episode starts with Mee Hooda climbing the stairs in the hospital while Masoom’s words about Neelam being in the fifteenth room echo in her mind.

Meanwhile, looking at Laila, Barfi Devi softly urges her to reveal the location since she is the one who helped Laila to relocate Meet Ahlawat by informing her about Meet Hooda’s arrival beforehand.

Barfi’s words send a wave of anger in Laila’s veins and she starts strangling Barfi Devi causing Barfi Devi to struggle to breathe.

On the one hand, Barfi Devi is trying her best to get away from Laila’s grip while on the other hand, Meet Hooda is checking the room numbers.

However, when Meet Hooda finds the right room number, she only finds Barfi Devi alone.

Meanwhile, Laila’s driver informs her that he is crazy about her and helped her relocate and Meet Ahlawat in the banned hospital wing with masks.

Curling her hands around the driver’s neck, Laila tells him that her lovers give their life for her and he has just helped her a little in a low whisper.

Layla even informs the driver that when the work gets bigger, she will also increase the price amount in a seductive whisper.

Meanwhile, Meet Hooda is looking everywhere for Neelam and finds Neelam at the end of the corridor and walks towards it.

On the other hand, the driver gives Laila the injection and warns her that if she uses it to overdose, it will backfire.

Blowing the kiss at the driver, Laila walks away from there with the injection while Meet Hooda follows her.

Finding Laila entering the restricted wing, Meet Hooda feels certain that Meet Ahlawat must be there.

Afterward, Meet Hooda meets the doctor and pleads with him to let her go to the same ward as she is sure her husband is there.

At first, the doctor denies it but when Meet Hooda keeps insisting, the doctor agrees to visit the ward with her.

Meanwhile, Laila tells sleeping Meet Ahlawat that he will soon forget about Meet Hooda’s existence with a smug smile while injecting him with drugs.

Later, when Meet Hooda and the doctor arrive in the wing, they find the hospital wing empty, and Meet Hooda assumes that they must have shifted Meet Ahlawat somewhere else.

Even the doctor informs Meet Hooda that the bed is empty as per their records.

A flashback shows how Laila found out about Meet’s presence by finding Meet Hooda’s shadow near the door and back in the present Laila smiles evilly.

Further, while Meet Hooda is busy interrogating Neelam about Meet Ahlawat, a ward boy takes Meet Ahlawat away without anyone's notice.

Barfi Devi arrives at the spot and orders Neelam to walk away.

After Neelam walks away, Barfi Devi orders Meet Hooda to stay away from Neelam, and Meet Hooda walks away.

Barfi Devi starts thinking that she needs to find Meet Ahlawat soon before Meet Hooda does as it might expose Laila’s identity.

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