Meet 16th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 16th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 16th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 16th September 2023 episode starts with the Pakistani General Bilawal Ali Hussain telling the Indian man that he will curse his country every time their cricketers hit a four or six or else, he will hit the man with a bat.

Another inspector holds the mobile and the commentary says how India has hit a four in the match which makes everyone stare at the Indian man.

The general asks the man to repeat that India will lose the match but the man shouts that India will win for sure with happiness on his face.

However, the man falls down on the ground as the general hits him with the bat after which the match ends with India winning which leaves an angry atmosphere.

Shlok tightly holds Akki in his arms while the Pakistani public throws and breaks their TVs in anger after watching the outcome of the match.

The Indian man laughs at the inspectors and says that India has won which boils the blood of the general and he stomps over the man's head brutally leading him to death.

Shlok is shocked to see the scene and gets anxious as he spots the inspectors bringing his wanted poster as an Indian spy.

The general asks his men to stick the posters everywhere in the town as he will hang the spy in front of everyone after finding him.

Shlok asks himself why he is being considered a spy and gets anxious thinking about the ways by which he can get out of there safely.

Meanwhile, Sumeet meets with the officials of the Pakistani embassy and asks them why there is a rumour about Shlok being a spy as he and their nephew got there by mistake.

The official says that it is very hard to make the Pakistani officials understand the matter when another officer comes and gives the pictures of the dead Indian man.

Sumeet remembers seeing that man's wife outside and comes to her comfort after she breaks down completely on hearing the news of her husband's death.

Seeing the condition of the people in Pakistan, Sumeet decides that she will go to Pakistan if needed as even god cannot stop her from reaching Shlok and bringing him back.

On the other hand, Shlok watches his wanted posters pasted on every wall and hides his face with a handkerchief when the general and his officer walk toward him.

However, they push him aside from their path with their police stick and pass by which makes Shlok sign in relief with Akki saying that he is hungry and wants Jalebi.

Shlok hides behind an auto rickshaw with Akki after seeing a group of men passing by and searches his pockets for some money but only gets an earring of Sumeet.

Staring at the earring with loving eyes, Shlok says that Sumeet is with him even though she is not present physically.

Meanwhile, Sumeet spots some people getting visas on special permits as they have to perform in Pakistan and asks them if she can also go with them.

One of them goes away after seeing the dreadful news of the death of the Indian man in Pakistan and Sumeet says that she can fill his space as she is able to play dholak.

Sumeet shows her dholak skills outside the building which impresses the people of the band and they ask her why she is so eager to go to Pakistan.

Sumeet tells them about Shlok being there by mistake and says that she needs to go to Pakistan to bring her husband back.

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