Meet 17th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th August 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 17th August 2023 episode starts with Shagun telling Sumeet that she only has six minutes left to play the drum otherwise her goons will start beating the ones inside the Nagada.

However, Shlok screams and tells Sumeet not to play the drum while Sumeet reminisces about Akki crying miserably which gives her the strength to do the task.

Meanwhile, Shagun realises that Sumeet is about to play the empty drum when she thinks of distracting her and Shagun reminds her of the remaining time, making her anxious about her choice.

Just then, Sumeet spots the spotlight attached to the thrust where the task is going on and she learns that she can use the light as a technique to find out which drum is empty.

Sumeet mentions that when the light will fall on the drum, it will reflect the shadow of a person inside the drum and this way she can get the empty drum easily.

Immediately, she rushes to the stairs and starts rotating the light to make them fall on the drum while Shangun wonders about Sumeet’s strategy.

Further, Sumeet rotates the light towards every drum and tries to analyse the shadow inside it when just then, she finds the drum reflecting no shadow.

That’s when Sumeet starts coming down the stairs but she falls on the floor and gets hurt while Shagun starts the countdown.

This forces Sumeet to get up and she gathers all her strength to play the drum when only a second is left which makes Shagun very furious.

Meanwhile, Sumeet announces her victory by using the drum as a medium and she keeps playing it until Shagun gets annoyed by her.

Later, Sumeet tells them to leave her family members and let them come out of the drums while her family members seem proud of Sumeet.

Sumeet’s family members gather around Shagun, clapping their hands in sync and staring at her while Sumeet keeps playing the drum.

Sumeet celebrates their victory in the first task and tells Shagun that despite her rules and evil tactics, Sumeet has won and not only Sumeet but the truth and their upbringing have also won.

However, Sumeet’s family holds each other’s hand and goes towards the flag.

Raj asks Sumeet to hoist the flag and they salute proudly and even Shagun salutes the flag with a defeated expression on her face.

Back at home, Rajeev expresses his feeling about their win and offers sweets to everyone while Poonam stresses over Shagun’s next plan.

Just then, Anju worries about Akki when Sumeeta recalls that Akki is already kidnapped but she reminds herself that she cannot reveal that.

However, Sumeet questions about Shagun spraying saffron spray on Independence Day When Poonam tells everyone to have lunch, it forces Sumeet to question her about the reason behind her sadness and Poonam blames her for troubling her family.

On the other hand, Shlok suffers an anxiety attack reminiscing about Shagun’s plan and her way of torturing his family and he picks up the basket full of water and pours it on himself while Poonam rushes to him and tries to calm him down.

Elsewhere, Raj spots a bouquet of beautiful roses and he wonders who must have sent him this.

Meanwhile, Pankhuri is looking at Raj from her window when Priyanka comes and sends Pankhuri somewhere.

 Just then, Raj reads the note attached to the flower which states that if he wants to know who has sent these flowers, he should turn back and that’s when Raj spots Priyanka and misunderstands the whole scenario.

Meanwhile, Shagun brings a giant weighing scale to Sumeet’s place and tells everyone that this scale is for measuring the wins and losses of Shagun and Sumeet.

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