Meet 17th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 17th June 2023 episode starts with Sumeet dropping the vase with fear, on hearing Gunwanti and Mahendra’s plan. 

The noise alerts Gunwanti and Mahendra and they come to search for the person while Sumeet runs away thinking of telling Meet and Manmeet. 

Meanwhile, Mahendra tells Gunwanti that someone has definitely heard them while Gunwanti gets worried. 

Mahendra tells her that they will have to search the person before they tell anything to anyone. 

Sumeet hides behind the boxes in a room to get away from them while Mahendra and Gunwant come looking for the eavesdropper. 

Just then, Jasodha comes to the same room and asks them to go to the kitchen to work and locks the room behind her.

Before Sumeet can alert Jasodha of her presence, Jasodha is long gone along with Mahendra and Gunwanti. 

Sumeet tries to knock on the door to get an outsider’s attention but the music outside is too loud.

After a while, Sumeet tries to open the window by climbing upon a table to get out of the room. 

Meanwhile, Meet asks Cheeku about Sumeet, when she cannot see her anywhere. 

Mahendra observes the exchange between Meet and Cheeku and wonders why Sumeet is not there when she was most excited about their marriage. 

After a while, Mahendra concludes that it must be Sumeet who must have overheard them. 

Just then, Sumeet comes there looking worried and looks at Mahendra and Gunwanti with scared eyes. 

Mahendra tells Gunwanti that they will have to take care of Sumeet before Meet. 

Meanwhile, Manmeet sees Sumeet and calls her to join them while Meet also feels relieved to see her.

Just then, the room grows dark and Mahendra grabs Sumeet and forces her to inhale chloroform. 

Soon the generator kicks in and the room illuminates with brightness. 

Sumeet begins to flail while Jasodha catches her before she falls while Meet also comes running to her asking her if she is alright. 

Sumeet tries to speak and points towards Gunwanti and Mahendra but Meet and others get distracted when Sarkaar suddenly falls from his wheelchair.

Manmeet rushes to help him and takes him back to his room while Jasodha tells Meet that she will settle Sumeet in Sarkar’s room only. 

Afterwards, Meet recalls Sumeet’s signal and looks around to understand what she was pointing at. 

Meet is surprised to see a man's shoes on one of the veiled women and asks them suspiciously who they are. 

Mahendra disguises his voice to satisfy Meet’s curiosity and is about to leave when Meet pushes a waiter carrying hot tea in their direction. 

As expected, Mahendra shouts in agony and forgets to disguise his voice while Meet comes forward and removes his veil. 

Mahendra gets angry at being caught and takes out the knife to attack Meet. 

Just the,  Manmeet holds Mahendra's hand and shames him for stooping to the lowest of the low.

Mahendra's anger knows no bounds and he again attacks Meet telling Manmeet that Meet is nothing but his enemy. 

Manmeet gets angry and punches Mahendra to stop him from attacking Meet. 

After a while, Meet tells Manmeet to stop and tells Gunwanti and Mahendra to leave the premises immediately if they do not want to go to jail. 

Later, Sumeet wakes up alone in her bed and looks shocked to stare at someone. 

Meanwhile, Manmeet comes looking for Sumeet and assumes her asleep and leaves her sleeping without realising that Sumeet is not under the duvet but the pillows are. 

Afterwards, Sumeet tries to get free of the hold of a person hiding behind the curtain. 

At the same time, Meet arrives at someplace to meet someone when Gunwanti's goon attacks her and kidnaps her.

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