Meet 17th March 2022 Written Update

Meet 17th March 2022 Written Update

Meet 17th March 2022 Written Update: Meet written update, Episode 193

Today's Meet Serial 17th March 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda blackmailing Hawa Singh that she will inform the media about his notorious deeds.

Hawa Singh not willing to risk his job asks his fellow officer to release Meet Ahlawat from his jail.

Later, Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat visit Ashok Hooda's memorial. She walks forward and applies Holy ash on her forehead.

She is persistent about her decision and confesses to Ashok Hooda that she will become a dutiful and unbiased police officer like him.

Meet Hooda pledges to never take advantage of the legal power to use against the innocent, she says she will be a strict, reliable and respected officer just like Ashok Hooda by following his steps.

At the same time, Meet Ahlawat grabs the police cap and places it on Meet Hooda honoring her decision. He supports her by saying that he will always stand by her and save them from all plausible dangers.

Elsewhere, Masoom seems astonished by seeing Babita's jewellery collection. Babita tells that she will gift a bangle and a hair accessory to Meet Hooda.

Later, to announce Meet Hooda's decision, Meet Ahlawat excitedly gathers everyone in the leaving room.

Meet Hooda joins them dressing up in a police dress and announces that she will be joining the police force.

However, Babita does not like Meet Hooda's decision and gets upset with her and talks about sacrifices, hard work, determination, safety, the judgement of society and responsibility as a daughter-in-law.

Amidst Babita's rants, Meet Ahlawat tries to convince her but she doesn’t budge and demands Meet Hooda to get rid of the uniform and help with the Duggu's adoption preparations.

Meet Ahlawat feels guilty and walks away helplessly. Masoom blames Meet Hooda as a jinxed person who brings bad news for the family.  

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