Meet 17th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 17th March 2023 episode starts with Jasodha telling Sarkar that she deserves what she is getting and will accept his punishment as well as his decision with equal devotion. 

As Jasodha walks out, Sarkar stops her, telling her that her punishment begins now.

Asking Gunwanti to call Jalebi, Sarkar tells Jasodha to come to the courtyard. 

Manmeet tries to stop Sarkar but Jasodha signals him to be quiet. 

Meanwhile, Sarkar gets the pitcher of water and washes the vermillion from Jasodha’s hairline. 

Afterwards, he unveils the board where the card with his and Jalebi’s names is written on it. 

Putting his palm print on the palm drawing, Sarkar asks Jalebi to put her handprint on the board too. 

Manmeet objects to Sarkar, telling him that he cannot leave his mother who has devoted her life in service to his will. 

Jalebi moves to drench her hands in vermillion and walks towards the board. 

Just then, Meet throws the pitcher so hard that it disturbs Jalebi's balance and she falls on the board, spreading the vermillion all over. 

Sarkar rebukes her for ruining the ritual while Meet tells him that she will also not let his marriage take place.

Sarkar mocks her, telling her that there is no guarantee of her stay in this house and she is talking about fighting him. 

Meet tells him that she always fights for her family and no injustice can prevail while she is around and this time also, she will not let him marry Jalebi. 

Sarkar tells her that there is no one brave enough in Sarkarpur to go against him. 

However, Meet tells him that when the pain becomes too high and the bearing becomes difficult, then fear dies and is replaced by courage. 

Meanwhile, Jasodha walks defeatedly to her bedroom and cries thinking about the mountain that has fallen on her.

In the meantime, Manmeet comes to console Jasodha and asks her to open the door while Shagun is worried about Jasodha committing suicide. 

Elsewhere, Anuja asks Sundari what will Sarkar do to other women if Jasodha got such a severe punishment.

Gunwanti agrees with Anuja while Anuja is hopeful that Meet will fight for them.

Just then, Imarti walks with Jalebi, telling her that she will show her the room she will be living in soon while Gunwant stops her saying, it is Jasodha’s room. 

However, Imarti tells her that very soon her sister will rule them all. 

Meanwhile, Manmeet breaks the door and is shocked to see his mother lying on the floor with Sarkar's photo.

Imarti comes there, rubbing salt in the wound, and asks Jasodha to explain Sarkar’s habits to Jalebi as she will be in her place after 5 days. 

Mameet gets angry and tells Imarti to get out and only talk after five days. 

Shagun tells Manmeet that all has happened today due to Meet as a mother would not have to give the papers to Meet, nor this would have happened. 

Shagun tells him that Meer is only showing off that she is with his mother. 

Manmeet gets furious and comes to Meet, telling her that she is the reason this is happening. 

Filling the courtyard with water, Manmeet throws the live wire in it while Meet jumps on the wooden stool in time to save herself. 

Manmeet tells her that she will suffer the same pain as Jasodha is feeling. 

Manmeet tells her that after 24 years, he was able to live with his parents and yet she spoiled everything for him. 

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