Meet 17th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 17th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 17th May 2023 episode starts with Jasodha worriedly calling to Manmeet to check on Sumeet as she is vomiting.

Food poisoning at the orphanage

On the other hand, at the orphanage, Kanika's manager blames Meet for the food poisoning among the children and the media starts covering the news, against the Meet pharmaceutical factory.

However, Meet runs towards the children and tells the reporters to stop their nonsense.

In the meantime, in Sumeet's room, Manmeet gets panicked and sees that Sumeet is fainted.

Just then, Kanika enters, acting like she is concerned for Sumeet, and suggests Manmeet take Sumeet to the city hospital as she doubts that Sumeet is suffering from food poisoning.

Manmeet calls Meet but Meet isn't able to receive the call as she keeps rushing to the children, one after the other.

Since Manmeet rushes to the hospital while holding Sumeet in his arms, Kanika smirks, thinking that now she will get rid of Chiku easily.

Back at the orphanage, the manager warns Meet not to touch the children as they got ill after eating the vitamin tablets given by her.

Since the manager tries to stop Meet from helping the children, Meet raises her voice and snatches his phone to call the doctor.

Meet gets helpless

Meet asks for help from other people, as the doctor told her to keep the children awake till the medical team reaches there.

As no one comes forward to help her, Meet tries to entertain the children while singing and dancing for them.

Meet gets upset when she sees that she is not sufficient to keep all the children awake while the manager gives a devilish smile.

In the meantime, Mahendra gets excited after seeing the news related to Meet's pharma company and shows it to Sarkar while poisoning him against Meet.

Mahendra tells Sarkar that it is the right time to shut down, Meet's factory and reminds him how Meet snatched Manmeet from him.

Later, at the orphanage, the doctor starts treating the children while Meet keeps walking worriedly.

In the meantime, the manager calls Kanika telling her to get rid of Chiku while assuring her that Meet will be in jail for a long time.

On the other hand, Meet asks the doctor if the children are safe now and the doctor replies yes while thanking Meet for keeping the children awake.

However, the manager and his supporters start blaming Meet for risking the children's life while Meet helplessly tells the reporters that she is also a mother and will never dare to harm the innocent children.

Sarkar's arrival

Just then, Sarkar enters with Mahendra and tells people that she is not a responsible mother, as she doesn't even know that her daughter is ill and her husband is rushing to the hospital for her treatment.

Meet gets shocked and starts asking Sarkar what happened to Sumeet, however, Sarkar keeps blaming her, without answering the question.

As soon as Meet tries to leave the room, the manager orders his staff to tie Meet to the chair while Meet keeps screaming Sumeet's name.

Sarkar and Mahendra stand still and watch the things happening, without uttering a word.

In the meantime, Kanika tries to poison Gunwanti's mind against Chiku by telling her that Meet is trying to make Chiku an heir of Sarkar's property and Gunwanti gets trapped.

Kanika suggests Gunwanti convince Sarkar for kicking out Chiku from the Sarkar Mahal by imprinting that Chiku has brought bad luck to their family.

Soon after that, Gunwanti tells Jasodha that Chiku is unlucky for them as she fell after seeing Chiku's face in the morning while Jasodha ignores her talk by saying that she is just being superstitious.

Meet proves her innocence

Meanwhile, Sarkar drags the medicine box to the floor while blaming Meet, and just then, the police arrive and arrest Meet while ignoring her requests.

Soon after that, the manager calls Kanika and tells her that Meet got arrested but his face turns pale as he turns around.

Meet gets enraged and tells police to arrest the real culprit while pointing at the manager.

In flashback, Meet requests Sarkar and the police team to give her a chance to prove her innocence as she has noticed that medicines are changed while Sarkar agrees with Meet to keep his position in the Sarkarpur.

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