Meet 18th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 18th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 18th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 18th June 2023 episode starts with Meet getting taken away in the van while Chanda shouts after them.

She gets back in the autorickshaw and tells the driver to follow after the van.

Further, Gunwanti holds Sumeet hostage while Mahendra has pointed a gun at Sarkar.

Meet, who is lying on the ground regains consciousness and stands up to save them.

Mahendra tells Meet to stay where she is while Chanda calls Manmeet and informs him of everything.

Raj (Cheeku) asks Manmeet what happened while Manmeet promises to bring back Sumeet and Meet as he leaves.

Back at the location, Meet notices the stone lying down and aims it at Mahendra's hand making the gun fall from his hands.

Mahendra loses his balance and rushes to get the gun but Meet takes hold of it before Mahendra.

She points it towards him telling him to let Sarkar go.

However, she gets shocked when she sees a gun pointed at her by none other than Sarkar.

She is shocked to see him standing on his leg all fine as Sarkar reveals that Mahendra and Gunwanti tell everyone on his orders only.

He says that he had to change his plans since Sumeet found out the truth.

Meet begs Sarkar to not let Manmeet find out the truth as it will kill him while Sarkar throws her into the quicksand lake.

Sarkar laughs saying that he has finally taken revenge for the humiliation she caused him and tells her that she will be swallowed by the lake soon.

Meet cries for her daughter to let go of while Gunwanti, Mahendra, and Sarkar leave after putting Sumeet on top of a weak hut under which a large vessel is being boiled.

Once the goons and family leaves, Meet finally takes hold of the nearby tree branch and gets herself out of the lake.

She rushes to the hut and supports the log that just gave out.

Sumeet cries while Meet tells her to believe that she can do it and tells her to jump.

Just before the hut gives away, Sumeet jumps and Meet catches her.

They both roll away from the boiling water and Meet tries to wake Sumeet while Sarkar again arrives there.

He points a gun at them and is about to shoot but Manmeet comes there just then and saves his wife and daughter.

Manmeet tells Sarkar that he is ashamed to call Sarkar his father and announces that he is going to leave.

Sarkar cannot take it and again takes hold of the gun and shoots but Manmeet comes in between to save Meet and gets shot.

Meet puts Sumeet on the ground and rushes to Manmeet while Sarkar is shocked at his own actions.

He talks to himself saying that he killed his own son and once again aims the gun saying that he will not leave her.

Before Sarkar can pull the trigger, Raj (Cheeku) comes there and throws a stone at Sarkar.

Due to the stone hitting his head, Sarkar loses his balance and hits his head on a boulder dying instantly.

Meet gets emotional seeing her son while Raj (Cheeku) tells her that he threw the stone only because Sarkar was going to shoot her.

He cries saying that the police will put him in jail while Meet tells him to not even mention that she was the one who had thrown the stone.

She tells him that the police will take her away and tells Raj (Cheeku) to take Sumeet and go to the Ahlawat house where Masoom and Hoshiyaar will take care of them.

She tells him that Sumeet can never know she is in jail and that if anyone asks he has to say that she and Manmeet got into a car accident.

She tells him that once Manmeet gets better, they can go and live with him as they hear police sirens.

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