Meet 18th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 18th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 18th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 18th March 2023 episode starts with Meet asking Manmeet to stop his childishness.

He does not stop the electric flow in the water as Meet continues to stand on a piece of wood.

Manmeet says that he has already stayed away from his family for a long time and now when he finally wants them together, he is defeated.

He blames Meet for Jasodha and Sarkar's divorce but Meet says that she knows there is no friendship-like relationship between Manmeet and her, but she never intended to do something like this.

Manmeet cries as he is frustrated with the current situation.

However, after a while, he removes the electrical source from the water and goes back into his room.

Meet too goes inside the house as she rubs away her tears.

After a while, Meghana puts an antiseptic ointment on Meet's hand. S

he asks Meet if she apologized to Manmeet.

However instead of replying to it, Meet explains that she faced a child out of Manmeet instead of Manmeet himself.

She explains and in a flashback, Manmeet is shown sobbing and confessing.

He confesses that he is upset due to the divorce and is blaming Meet for that.

At present, Manmeet and Shagun are sitting together as Shagun calms him down.

She tells him how much she loves him and so, they will both fight together to give justice to Jasodha.

However, Manmeet is very angry with Sarkar as he says that he will sacrifice to marry Shagun.

She gets shocked and requests Manmeet not to take such decisions drastically.

She says that Manmeet should not suffer with Meet just because Sarkar is marrying Jalebi.

Suddenly Meet approaches them and asks Manmeet to join her to help Jasodha.

He at first, thinks that the video which Meet helped click will already help him fight against Sarkar.

So he does not join Meet and tells her that he will fight against Sarkar and needs no one's help.

Suddenly, Manmeet is informed that Jasodha hasn't eaten anything for the whole day.

Manmeet tries to feed her but is disappointed when Meet enters the room and tells her that Sarkar might have mixed poison in her food, so she should not eat it.

Shocking them, Jasodha grabs the food and starts gulping it.

Manmeet stops her and scolds Meet for saying such things while Jasodha apologizes to him as she is in such a condition due to Sarkar, that she wants to die.

Meet finally tells that to make Jasodha eat, she lied about added poison.

On the other hand, Imarti brings Jalebi to Sarkar as she massages his legs and Sarkar almost scolds Jalebi for not doing well but stops as he warns her to not make demands and to remember her position.

He asks them to leave as he thinks of a plan to establish his reputation.

Meanwhile, Meet puts up wet clothes for drying as Manmeet approaches her.

He at first cannot utter what he wanted to say to meet but gradually tells Meet to rethink her proposal of helping him out to give justice to Jasodha.

Initially, Meet teases him and finally joins her hand with his.

Once they start shaking hands, it is as if Manmeet jokes with Meet as he does not leave her hand for a while.

Meet too, laughs at it but Shagun watches from the balcony and gets the wrong idea.

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