Meet 18th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 18th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 18th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 18th May 2023 episode starts with Meet shaming the orphanage's manager working under Kanika for threatening the lives of the children. 

The elders present in the room surround him and start beating him while they sincerely apologize to Meet.

Meet questions the man about his motive for doing all this as he reveals that one big party wants to open a big restaurant here and gave him a hefty ransom.

However, internally, he says that Kanika would not leave him alone if he had spoken her name.

Meet makes a run to Sumeet

After the man is taken to jail, Meet turns to Sarkar and lets him know that it is true that she lost her baby but that doesn't make her an irresponsible mother. 

She further states that she can even get killed if it means saving her child. 

Meet runs outside to see Sumeet and tries to get a ride back home.

On the other hand, Gunwanti starts to fill Jasodha's ears by suggesting she give Chiku to Kanika who will take good care of him.

Jasodha agrees but gets stopped by the bodyguards hired by Meet and Manmeet outside the room where Chiku is playing.

However, she sternly lets them know to let her enter and cajoles Chiku by saying that it is time for him to meet his family.

Chiku starts to cry while Jasodha calms him down. 

At the same time, Kanika instructs Gunwanti on the call to make Chiku sit in the car parked just outside the Sarkar Mahal.

Chiku gets trapped

Gunwanti does so while a fearful Chiku recognizes the driver as the goon was running behind him.

Meanwhile, by hook or by crook, Meet reaches Sarkar Mahal and her heart gladdens to see Sumeet alright. 

Just then, Sapna comes and informs Meet that a Pooja is being conducted for which she has to be present. 

Manmeet then asks Sapna to take care of Sumeet while promising Sumeet to give her a chocolate if she behaves well. 

On the other hand, Chiku gets even more terrified when Kanika enters the car.

In a reflexive moment, he bites the hands of the goon sitting beside him and flees the car as Manmeet & Meet's car pass by.

Kanika and her other goons get out of the car instantly to catch Chiku when she realizes that Manmeet & Meet are nearby at the temple.

Meanwhile, Sumeet is searching for Chiku and gets informed by Sapna that she last saw him with Gunwanti.

Chiku is inches away from Meet

Near the temple, Chiku runs away from Kanika and her gang while Meet and Manmeet sit down for the Pooja with the priest.

The priest asks to Meet the name of her baby and she says Chiku as the veneration happens for him.

Just then, Meet tells Manmeet that she is having a very uneasy feeling but he asks her to concentrate on the Pooja that will make everything alright. 

Meanwhile, as Chiku is about to enter the temple premises, Kanika throws a white powder on his eyes that blinds him and grabs him.

However, as Meet continuously prays to Mata Rani, Chiku somehow gets away from Kanika one more time.

As he isn't able to see clearly, he falls down in a basket of flowers upon which a red cloth flies over, covering Chiku's body.

Kanika isn't able to find him while two men from the temple grab the basket and put it inside the premises for Meet and Manmeet to fetch flowers from during the ritual.

The priest asks Meet and Manmeet to grab a flower while Meet does so without looking inside the basket.

However, Chiku gains momentum once again and steps out of the basket, grabbing Kanika's attention but she waits silently to attack him.

A temporarily blinded Chiku steps on the plate of bright red vermillion and makes red footprints on Meet's flowing attire, unaware that she is his mother.

Before Meet and Manmeet open their eyes, Kanika gets Chiku silently and leaves the temple.

At Sarkar Mahal, Gunwanti very happily serves tea to Sarkar and Mahendra and says she got rid of Chiku after requesting a lot from Jasodha.

Sumeet decides to teach Gunwanti a lesson

Mahendra praises her but Sarkar doesn't get too pleased and leaves the spot. 

Gunwanti then taunts Mahendra, saying Bapu Sarkar isn't too happy with her while Mahendra asks her to give him some time.

However, all this gets heard by Sumeet who asks Gunwanti where she has sent Chiku but Gunwanti doesn't answer.

Sumeet then decides to tell all this to Meet while Meet opens her eyes at the temple and finds her pink 'chunari' reddened with footsteps.

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