Meet 18th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 18th November 2022 Written Update

Meet 18th November 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 18th November 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda realizing that Laila is the same girl who met her and Meet Ahlawat at the bar and claps at her smartness for playing her game of trapping Meet Ahlawat.

Laila feels frustrated as Meet Hooda calls her Neelu and to remove Meet Hooda from her way, Laila picks up a rod and takes her towards the pit where the hole is dug.

However, before Laila could Meet Hooda in the box, Meet Hooda throws her in it.

Laila comes out of the box in the pit by throwing dirt at Meet Hooda and later shows her a video where her lover has kept a knife at Meet Ahlawat's neck.

Laila passes an evil smirk and recites a story where Meet Hooda is the princess whose life resides in the parrot named Meet Ahlawat.

Meet Hooda keeps on pleading with Laila to leave Meet Ahlawat who is being suffocated by Laila's lover but Laila enjoys Meet Hooda's helplessness.

To get an upper hand, Laila keeps a condition to Meet Hooda giving up her life for saving Meet Ahlawat and signals her lover to electrify Meet Ahlawat.

Not able to see Meet Ahlawat suffering, Meet Hooda agrees to Laila's condition and Laila asks her to record her statement in a video.

Meanwhile, Meet Hooda sends her location to Ishani which Ishani initially dismisses but then decides to locate her.

Ishani calls Meet Hooda but Laila snatches the phone and switches it off. Ishani sets off to find Meet Hooda by tracking the live location that Meet sent earlier.

Promising Meet Hooda that everyone will remember her after her death, Leela pushes Meet Hooda into the pit after recording her statement.

Laila signals Meet Hooda to lie down and bids her goodbye and shuts the coffin box.

She starts pouring sand over the coffin box to cover it while Ishani is on her way to find the location.

Meanwhile, Meet Hooda struggles to breathe inside while Laila sends the video to the whole Ahlawat family.

The video says the mad girl who is after Meet Ahlawat is no one other than Meet Hooda herself and says that she trapped Neelam falsely.

Raj clearly states to Babita that the video is fake and he trusts Meet Hooda completely.

Raj asks why Meet Hooda's phone is switched off after the video is out and says that it is an indication that Meet Hooda is in big trouble.

Babita keeps on saying that Meet Hooda has cheated on them and says that since Meet could not bring Meet Ahlawat back so she is taking him away so that she can keep him for herself.

Fearing that Meet Ahlawat might go away from her, Babita tries to call the police station but Raj stops her.

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