Meet 19th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 19th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 19th April 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 19th April 2023 episode starts with Meet telling Shagun that today is the day she will make her reality appear not just in front of Manmeet but the whole Sangwan family.

Shagun whimpers as her legs and hands are tied to a chair and ask Meet in a yelling voice what she said at the hospital about not being able to live without Manmeet.

Meet remembers the moment and tells Shagun normally that those words are spoken to people whom we start caring for.

She schools Shagun that the greatest pain is to get stabbed by people we love the most and that is what Shagun has done for Manmeet.

Saying this, Meet leaves a trapped Shagun in the dark room while Sarkar along with his sons, Jasodha, & Gunwanti enter the dark room.

He orders Mahendra to switch on the light and gets enraged as soon as he sees Meet Hooda.

Shagun changes the whole game!

However, Meet Hooda is tied to a chair, whimpering while Sarkar pulls his gun in the air, ready to shoot her as she tried to hurt Manmeet.

Just then, Sarkar tells Manmeet not to interfere and listen to his father but Manmeet asks him to let it go as Meet has already stooped low and if they do the same, there will be no difference between them and her.

Much to everyone's shock, the real Meet Hooda appears from the other side of the room and asks Manmeet not to hate her too much.

Gunwanti sarcastically comments that it was enough to bear one Meet and now she is here with her twin.

Meet reveals to everyone how she got unconscious by the person who tried to attack Manmeet before she could meet him and donned her clothes and faces to make it look like she hurt Manmeet.

Manmeet charges at the fake Meet to reveal her face but Meet tells him not to as it would hurt him.

She beckons Sarkar to do so and when Sarkar removes Meet's mask, Meet gets shocked to see Shagun replaced by a random girl.

Jasodha gets confused while Meet asks the girl what she is doing here as the girl reveals she is the one who hurt Manmeet since Sarkar refused her brother work to do.

Just then, Shagun appears in the room also and pretends to congratulate Meet, saying she finally found the culprit. 

Meet Hooda to bring Shagun's reality in front of Manmeet

Shagun slaps the girl named Gomti and praises Meet.

However, when she leans in to hug Meet, she whispers that she won't leave her & Manmeet's relationship so soon.

In a flashback, it is shown that Shagun calls Gomti's number with her feet and asks her to take all the blame while promising to take care of her & her family's finances.

Presently, Shagun requests Sarkar to let Meet stay in Sarkar Mahal much to Jasodha & Gunwanti's shock but Sarkar leaves without saying a word.

Meet also leaves while Manmeet follows her a minute later.

Sitting under the tree, Meet says that Shagun turned the whole game and will be more dangerous to Manmeet.

Just then, Manmeet plops down beside Meet, saying Raj was right to say that whoever will spend time with Meet will fall in love with her.

Shagun's Vendetta begins!

Meet hesitates but Manmeet forwards his hand to her, saying they should begin their friendship anew.

Meet then mimics Minakshi and Manmeet gets impressed by her accent and also gets amazed at how she took care of him when he hated her.

Both of them laugh while Shagun watches them from afar with jealousy.

She breaks a glass in her hands and blood oozes out as she walks toward Meet & Manmeet.

Appreciating their friendship, Shagun pretends to be sweet and says it will be good to stay with Manmeet and hopes for their blossoming friendship.

However, internally, Shagun vows to throw Meet Hooda out of Manmeet's life forever.

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