Meet 19th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 19th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 19th July 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 19th July 2023 episode starts with all the family members rushing inside the hospital and are left stunned to see Sumeet lying unconscious in the bed.

All panic while Shlok asks the doctor about Sumeet when Sumeet gets up and assures everyone that she is fine.

The doctor informs that Sumeet had saved a person by bringing him to the hospital on time and also by donating her blood.

Meanwhile, Raj recalls how he rejected Sumeet and broke all ties with her, and left after being assured that she is fine.

However, Shlok nearly weeps and grips Sumeet telling that he knew that she will never suicide as Raj has taught her to be a fighter.

Suddenly, Raunak steps in, shooing away Shlok and warning him to stay far from Sumeet as he can take care of his wife.

Sumeet slaps Raunak and warns him not to call her his wife as he tried to molest and get intimate with her without her consent.

Shagun gets offended while Shlok supports Sumeet and scolds Punam for tagging Sumeet as characterless as he believes she will never do such a thing to taint everyone's reputation.

Shlok says that they need no more proof as she donated blood to the victim but a pregnant woman cannot undergo a blood transfusion.

As the doctors lead the patient to the OT, Sumeet informs that the patient is Bala, the tattoo artist, which shocks Shagun.

Sumeet asks Punam and Shlok to listen to Bala once he revives to which they agree.

Meanwhile, outside the ward, Raunak asks Shagun not to panic as a common Tattoo artist cannot defame them.

However, Shagun shuns him and states if Bala reveals slight information, all her plans will fail.

Later, Raj gets juice for Sumeet and hands it over to a nurse asking to deliver it to Sumeet but stops seeing Punam and Shlok bringing a glass of juice for her.

Sumeet accepts the juice and thanks Shlok for trusting her even after looking at the report papers.

Shlok asks her not to think that he likes her rather it is just that he cannot tolerate lies.

Meanwhile, Shagun disguises herself as a hospital sanitation worker and hides a bag of money under her trolley.

Raunak asks what she is up to while Shagun states that she will offer Bala the money and shut his mouth.

On the other hand, Sumeet notices Raj and runs to embrace him.

She sings their childhood song asking him to complete it but he avoids her and leaves.

Later, Sumeet stands in front of the OT where she asks Shagun why she is going inside.

Shagun replies that she needs to clean the room when Sumeet drops her purse, unfurling her coins.

Sumeet stops her and asks her to come inside after she picks up her coins.

She enters the ward to pick up some of her coins and notices the floor to be wet and forces Shagun to go out as her work has been done already.

Later, the nurse comes out and informs them about Bala's revival.

They all run inside while Shlok also follows when Sumeet asks Bala to reveal the truth.

Bala says that he noticed a mole on the client dressed up in sherwani and later also saw his face as he points out his fingers towards Shlok.

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