Meet 19th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 19th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 19th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 19th March 2023 episode starts with Manmeet telling Meet that he is only calling a truce between their enmity but otherwise, they can never be together. 

Meanwhile, Shagun feels jealous seeing Manmeet shake hands with Meet. 

Meet tells Manmeet that they are like fire and water and can never come together. 

Shagun is afraid that she will lose Manmeet to Meet if she helps him in Jasodha’s matter and decides to do something to break this partnership.  

Just then, Sarkar calls Shagun to his room and tells Shagun that he wants her to spy on Meet because she is Manmeet's fiance which is why he wants to trust her. 

Shagun tells him that he will not be disappointed in her and as she has something to tell him.

On the other hand, Meet tells Manmeet that Shagun is jealous to see them together and might tell Sarkar about their partnership, in anger. 

Manmeet follows Meet and they get tangled with each other and fall on the ground with Meet on top of Manmeet and a Dupatta covering them from above. 

As Manmeet struggles to remove the Dupatta, his chain gets stuck with Meet’s chain. 

Meet feels embarrassed at the proximity while Manmeet is also affected by having Meet near. 

Manmeet finally unlocks the chain and Meet gets up from him, quickly telling him that she will tell him the plan in the morning. 

Just then, Shagun comes there and looks disappointed to see Manmeet with Meet’s chain. 

On the other hand, Sapna stops Imarti from giving Jasodha’s jewellery to Jalebi while Imarti mocks her, telling not to cross her limits or she will be thrown out of the house. 

Gunwanti tells Imarti to not ride on high horses as Meet has declared there will be no marriage between Jalebi and Sarkar and they are all in Meet’s support. 

Meanwhile, Manmeet tells Shagun that she should have told Sarkar about Meet and his partnership.

However, Shagun tells him that if Sarkar finds out about him, then he will be punished like Jasodha and maybe cancel their marriage even. 

Manmeet tells her that Sarkar will not find out about his partnership with Meet as after 5 days, he will use the video and get rid of Meet. 

The next day, Meet is thinking about a plan to stop the marriage when Manmeet comes there and asks her why she is not able to think of anything when her thinking is required.

Challenging her to think quickly, he also warns her that he will have to think of something. 

Just then, Sapna comes there feeling sick and tells Meet that it is normal in this condition. 

Later, Manmeet is thinking of a plan when Jasodha also gets sick and Manmeet tells Shagun to spread the news that Jasodha is pregnant.

Meanwhile, Jalebi serves the tea to Sarkaar.

On the other hand, as the news of Jasodha’s pregnancy spreads, people keep dropping things one after another. 

After a while, Sarkar gets irritated and comes inside, asking Gunwanti what the ruckus is all about while Meet also looks curiously at them. 

After hesitation, Gunwanti tells Sarkar that Jasodha is pregnant. 

Sarkar looks shocked to hear her while Meet chides Manmeet for the stupid idea.

However, Manmeet tells her that Sarkar will get happy to hear the news and their marriage will remain intact. 

Meanwhile, Sarkaar sits thoughtfully while Manmeet waits for Sarkar’s reaction.  

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