Meet 19th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 19th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 19th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 19th September 2023 episode starts with Naaz telling Shlok about her wedding plans. 

Holding Shlok’s hand, she tells him that if he can win her heart only then she will accept his proposal or else he will have to go back empty-handed. 

Just the, a loud male voice startles Shlok while the girl runs toward his brother. 

On the other hand, Meet raises the slogan “Ganpati Bappa Morya”  and walks out of the place. 

She sees bubbles near her and recalls Shlok’s words telling her to always feel him close when she sees them. 

Later, Shlok is shocked to see the same inspector as Naaz’s brother. 

On being asked if he looks familiar, Shlok tells him nervously that he might resemble some of the criminals he often encounters. 

The inspector takes it as a joke and hugs him telling him he likes that he has not changed much despite living in the US for years. 

Just then, a constable comes to take a signature from him while he asks him if he found any information about that Indian spy. 

On hearing that not much is found, the inspector tells him to search for him on social media using his photo. 

On hearing that, Shlok realises that it must be Sumeet’s doing. 

Meanwhile, Sumeet prays to God to lead him to Shlok just as he has brought her to Karachi. 

On the other hand, Shlok tells Dilawar that all his luggage, ID, and passport have been stolen from the airport and if he hadn’t sent the car then he and Akki would have been lost. 

Zainab also tells Dilawar that her phone has also been stolen.

Dilawar gets angry and tells the constable to find that thief who dares to steal from him. 

Shlok feels relieved about being saved by Sumeet and realises that if Sumeet knows that he is in Pakistan then she might take a risk to save them. 

After a while, a dancer from Sumeet’s troop tells her that the singer they have hired will not be joining them.

Sumeet gets happy thinking that God has shown him the way to find Shlok. 

After a while, Shlok hears Ganpati Aarti coming from somewhere nearby and joins hands to offer his respect. 

At the same time, Dilawar is feeling angry to hear Aarti's voice while Dadu tells him that these voices will never leave him no matter how many windows he shuts. 

He tells him that India is a country of miracles and once a voice settles in the heart it will never leave. 

However, Dilawar tells him that in Pakistan the voice or its people will only suffer humiliation at their hands. 

He tells him about Sumit who dared to make fun of him and for that she will get her due punishment. 

Shlok wonders about the person who dared to challenge Dilawar. 

Just then, he sees Shlok and tells Naaz to take him shopping so he can have some clothes. 

Later, Dilawar meets Sumeet in the market and tries to instigate her by telling her that as part of this country’s culture women do not travel alone out of the house. 

He asks her why is she all alone and if everything is alright. 

Sumeet tells him to not worry as God is with her.

Seeing Sumeet leave, Dilawar gives her the Burqa (veil) and tells her that it will keep her safe. 

However, Sumeet tells him that no veil can protect her when men are lecherous and if they want to protect the women then men have to keep their eyes and intentions in check. 

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