Meet 1st February 2023 Written Update

Meet 1st February 2023 Written Update

Meet 1st February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 1st February 2023 episode starts with SP Bhatti taking away Shagun with him while Manmeet controls his anger, seeing his plan getting interrupted.

Meet tells Manmeet that she has asked the SP not to be too strict on Shagun as she is also a part of the Sarkar family.

Babita asks Manmeet to stay a bit here but Manmeet says that he needs to leave now as he has to come back for his bride the next day.

After Manmeet leaves, Meet waits for SP Bhatti’s call informing her about the status of their plan.

Manmeet calls Mahendra and tells him that Shagun messed up their plan but they need to take her out of the jail first.

Mahendra brings out Gudwanti (his wife) and lands a tight slap on her face, blaming her for not being able to control her sister.

She begs Mahendra for forgiveness but he turns her arm painfully and says that the daughters-in-law of the Sarkar family do not have the right to breathe without the men’s permission.

Gudwanti says that she did not know that Shagun would go there which angers Mahendra more and he pushes her on the floor harshly.

Meanwhile, Shagun tells SP Bhatti that Shagun did not have any plans or bad intentions and just wanted to enjoy the event a bit.

SP Bhatti asks Shagun why she would go to their enemy’s house to enjoy any function but gets interrupted as Narendra comes there with a lawyer.

Narendra warns the SP that going against Sarkar is not a good thing for his career while his lawyer gives the bail papers for Shagun.

SP Bhatti asks Narendra to sign on some papers and intentionally sprinkles ink on him after which he attaches a camera to Narendra’s locket, while wiping the ink.

SP Bhatti calls Meet and informs her that he has attached the camera to Narendra’s locket and now they can see what is happening in Sarkar Mahal.

Narendra reaches Sarkar Mahal with Shagun while Manmeet gets off his bike but his face does not show on the camera.

Manmeet walks toward Shagun and lands a thrashing slap on her face, printing red marks of his fingers on her cheek.

Narendra is standing while facing the other way due to which SP Bhatti cannot see Manmeet beating up Shagun.

Pulling Shagun’s hair, Manmeet throws her inside the house, in front of Jashoda’s feet while Shagun begs for forgiveness.

Manmeet assaults Shagun physically in front of everybody and tells her that women in their family are not allowed to talk, think, or act without men’s permission.

Jashoda announces that she has decided to dismiss Shagun and Manmeet’s marriage as a punishment but Gudwanti begs at Jashoda’s feet to rethink it.

Gudwanti says that Shagun is now Manmeet’s property as he has placed his mark on her while showing the slap marks.

Sarkar silences everyone and warns Jashoda to keep her daughter-in-law under control or else he will bring another wife.

SP Bhatti notices Narendra going inside and asks Meet to check the footage to see if they get to see something.

Meet notices everyone standing in Sarkar Mahal and gets a bit confused as Manmeet’s back starts to flash in front of the camera.

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