Meet 1st June 2023 Written Update

Meet 1st June 2023 Written Update

Meet 1st June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 1st June 2023 episode starts with Meet getting shocked when the orphanage manager tells Akhil is the kid who owns the stuff.

The kid runs and hugs Meet calling her mumma but she doesn’t feel anything and recalls how she felt connected with Cheeku when he called her mumma.

Meet wonders how this is possible as she thinks this kid is not her child but Cheeku is.

The manager insists that Akhil owns the luggage, but Meet states her motherly heart knows Cheeku is her child.

She tells the manager that they always wanted to adopt Cheeku and want to get a DNA test done.

Meanwhile, Sarkar's goon informs Sarkar that Meet is insisting on adopting Cheeku.

The manager taunts Meet for being a heartless mother and denying to accept her own child.

He doesn’t permit her to take Cheeku unless she gives proof, and Meet asks him to wait till evening and she will bring DNA test reports by then.

On the other hand, Sumeet is busy doing decorations to welcome Cheeku home.

Gunwanti acts to help Sumeet who asks her help to pick her up so that she can put balloons on the board.

Mahendra questions Gunwanti about the new game she is playing, and Gunwanti says that she is trying to impress Meet by showing affection for Sumeet and Cheeku so that Meet makes them partners in the factory.

In the orphanage, Meet calls Cheeku and hugs him and he asks when they will take him to Sumeet.

Cheeku says that he feels scared at the orphanage and misses Sumeet a lot.

Manmeet sees the drawing by Cheeku of his family, while Meet assures her that soon he will be at home with his family.

Cheeku tells them about Sarkar coming to the orphanage and meeting the attendant and manager but he didn’t meet Cheeku.

Meet and Manmeet get shocked and wonder what Sarkar is trying to do.

After Meet and Manmeet leave, Shagun comes to the orphanage and says she wants to adopt one child.

On the other hand, Sumeet makes Meet and Manmeet enter the house with their eyes closed.

She then shows the decorations she has done for Cheeku and Meet smiles happily seeing it.

Sumeet says she has already emptied space in her cupboard for Cheeku, even divided the toys, and made a timetable for playing and studying with Cheeku.

Meet tells her that since she has worked so hard so Meet will definitely bring her Cheeku Bhaiya home soon.

She talks about doing "hawan" (holy veneration) for Cheeku while Gunwanti tells her to give her a list of all the materials needed and she will arrange them.

Manmeet gets shocked by Gunwanti’s changed behavior but Meet says she got reunited with her long-lost son and Gunwanti has a positive change so it’s good.

Meanwhile, Sumeet asks to Meet what is a DNA and Meet says DNA is a thread that ties loved ones together.

Just then, Masoom comes with a gift for Sumeet and sees Gunwanti asking Lata to cut fruits nicely to impress Meet.

Masoom gifts Sumeet the same locket with a mata rani pendant like Cheeku.

Sumeet tells Meet about Cheeku having the same locket and she had given it to Sarkar to return back to Cheeku when he was back from the hospital.

Realisation dawns on Meet who wonders that Sarkar had already concluded that Cheeku was her lost son.

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