Meet 1st March 2022 Written Update

Meet 1st March 2022 Written Update

Meet 1st March 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet Serial 1st March 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda searching the actor with whom Tej interacted before he lost his consciousness.

Later, Meet Hooda asks a stranger about the actor and learns his name which is Jaydeep and about his Asthma problem.

Furthermore, she approaches the manager and asks about Jaydeep but he is preoccupied with his obligations with the drama company and walks away.

However, Meet Hooda spots Jaydeep amongst the crowd and questions him about his interaction with Tej but he gets busy with his makeup for the drama. She updates the situation to Meet Ahlawat feeling defeated.

Meanwhile, Babita finally stops her prayers due to tiredness. She questions Meet Hooda’s whereabouts noticing her absence and accuses her taking advantage of their trust and love.

Elsewhere, due to all the fire shows and activities, the place catches fire. Meet Hooda finds Hoshiyar calling out Duggu’s name and approaches him. She helps him to find missing Duggu.

At the same time, the fire spreads everywhere. Meet Hooda prevents the fire by spraying water through a water tanker. She finds Duggu and rescues him.

On the other hand, Meet shows her courage and selflessness in trying to save people from the disaster. She finds Jaydeep struggling to breathe inside the tent due to his asthma problem.

Later, Hoshiyar carries Duggu back home. Masoom blames Meet Hooda for the fire disaster stating she brings problems for the family.

At the same time, Meet Ahlawat defends Meet Hooda and gets into an argument with Masoom. She demands justice for Meet’s actions and asks Rajvardhan to banish Meet Hooda from their house.     

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