Meet 1st March 2023 Written Update

Meet 1st March 2023 Written Update

Meet 1st March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 1st March 2023 episode starts with Jashodha ordering the matter to be investigated to find out who was smoking cigarettes in the house.

Imarti is tense hearing this, as she was the one who had brought cigarettes into the house.

However, Sundari comes and announces that there would be no need for any investigation, for she knew who had been smoking cigarettes in the house, and lies that it was actually Anuja who had done the deed.

Jashoda gets angry and taunts Sundari by telling her how Anuja has grown to become, and that, she should have listened to her and killed her when she had taken birth.

Sundari agrees and slaps Anuja and locks her up, continuing to blame and curse her.

However, all this is a ruse as Sundari planned to lock Anuja up so she could go away for an operation, right under everybody’s nose as nobody would question her then since she is given the punishment.

Sundari then goes to her room and hides the hospital papers in her cupboard hurriedly but drops the receipt of the hospital falls down.

At the same time, Meet comes there and asks for "Prashad" since Sundari had given the reason for going to the temple for all time of her absence.

Sundari mumbles an answer to her and leaves, alarmed at the possibility of Meet knowing the truth.

Meet notices the receipt and picks it up, but it is snatched by Sundari, making Meet doubtful of the reason Sundari wants 5 lakh rupees, which was written on the receipt.

Meanwhile, Manmeet remembers his meeting with Jashodha, while Jashodha feeds Manmeet the food prepared by her.

She consoles him by saying that tomorrow would be his first ever Maha Shivaratri with them and he just has to wait for 2 more days and Meet’s chapter would be closed finally.

Manmeet tells Jashoda that he gets enraged at the thought of Meet.

However, he is even sadder seeing Shagun’s helpless condition.

He tells Jashoda his wish for him and Shagun to get ready and go as couples on the day of Mahashivaratri, but “Parkati” has shattered all his plans.

The next day everyone goes to the temple of Lord Shiva, praying fervently for their desires to be fulfilled.

Afterward, Meghana and Meet engage themselves in distributing "Prasadam" to everyone.

Meghana thanks Meet, telling her that she has found her saviour in Meet.

Meghana then confides that she sincerely wished that she got a Bhabhi like Meet, and hurriedly leaves.

Shagun, who was hearing Meet and Maeghana’s conversation, continues to stare at Meet.

Meet asks Chanda to continue the seva, while she approaches Shagun, mocking her by saying how everyone found her fit to be the mistress of the house.

However, Shagun replies that she always believed in Manmeet’s strength and Meet's manipulative words would never sway her.

Meet remembers her good times with Meet Ahlawat, and sighs, telling that indeed, true love was never broken so easily.

Manmeet is on his guard and vows to defeat Meet in the wrestling match, for now, many crucial decisions would be based on the results of the wrestling match.

Manmeet and Meet both smile at each other, both holding the responsibility of their commitments & ready to fight.

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