Meet 1st September 2023 Written Update

Meet 1st September 2023 Written Update

Meet 1st September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 1st September 2023 episode starts with Shlok inside the cage with the gorilla and Poonam scaredly calls out for Shlok helplessly.

Sumeet saves Shlok

Sumeet gets scared even more when she sees that the gorilla has overpowered Shlok.

Inside the cage, Shlok falls on his back after the gorilla pushes him and suffers a scratch from the gorilla's nails.

He cries out but the gorilla keeps scratching and punching him on his stomach, gradually making him unconscious.

Raunak boos Sumeet telling that Shlok will be killed now and she won't be able to do anything.

Poonam and Dadi faint not being able to take in the gorilla torture Shlok is going through, while Rajeev calls up the animal cell.

Rajeev informs them about Shlok's condition but he comes to know that the animal authorities will come in an hour.

Sumeet, seeing Shlok's increasing danger invokes Devi Maa and picks up the shovel to break the lock.

Raunak keeps discouraging Sumeet telling him that she'll not be able to break the lock but Sumeet succeeds in destroying it.

Colours start to rip off Raunak's face as he resumes his revengeful self again and Sumeet discovers that the cage has an electric lock.

Sumeet with a stick then opens up the cage through its gaps angering Raunak.

She lits a torch and goes inside the cage while the crowd outside and the Chowdhury's ask her not to enter.

She scares the gorilla away with the torch and tries to awaken Shlok but Shlok remains unconscious.

The gorilla starts coming near again and Sumeet tries to scare the gorilla away but the gorilla hits her hand thus, throwing the torch in the water.

The animal hurts Sumeet leading her to fall down but Sumeet noticing a tray with dust throws it in the gorilla's eyes and partially blinds him.

The mammal starts to go back and Sumeet after tying him up, pulls Shlok out of the cage and locks it.

The Chowdhury's attend to Shlok and the crowd claps for Sumeet.

Priyanka's sacrifice

Meanwhile, Pankhudi enters wearing the dress Raj has sent for her while Raj from the car, wishes to catch Priyanka red-handed through her wearing his dress.

Priyanka, who was already following Pankhudi gains notice of Ashok and rapidly thinks of what she can do to stop Pankhudi from meeting Raj.

She then sees a dustbin and throws its contents on Pankhudi thus dirtying her.

Pankhudi gets shocked and Akash noticing her, comes in and asks about what she's up to but Pankhudi frustratingly goes away.

In Shlok's room, Sumeet cleans up Shlok's wounds while on the other hand, Poonam and Dadi prepare milk and medicines for Shlok.

From upstairs, Raunak with a catapult shatters the glass of milk and runs away while Poonam adds that only five hours are left.

Amidst all this, Shagun calls up Raunak and insists him not to do anything and from the other side, Raunak agrees.

In the streets, Raj gains the notice of Priyanka, who has Pankhudi's phone and terms her shameless.

Priyanka takes in Raj's blame tearfully stating silently that she has to take in Raj's blame for the sake of the family's respect and walks away tearfully.

The gorilla attacks Raunak

At night, Raunak while sleeping hears scary noises and gets up to inspect the source of the sound and gains notice of the gorilla.

He cries out for help but the gorilla scratches him after which Raunak running for his life reaches down with the gorilla following him.

The Chowdhury's get alert and come out of their places and see Raunak running for his life.

In the meantime, Shagun realises that Sumeet has fooled her again and runs out while in the colony, Raunak after hitting the gorilla with a stone understands that it's fake.

Raunak's confession and Sumeet's victory

He then confesses that he's not mad further adding that he asked for Shlok to be killed and takes off the veil uncovering Sumeet.

The Chowdhury's understand that Raunak was feigning his madness while on the other hand, Shagun reaches the scene and Sumeet looking at her, smiles victoriously. 

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