Meet 20th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th April 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 20th April 2023 episode starts with Meet standing up and putting her hand in Manmeet's palm as a sign of truce.

Just then, the glass in Shagun's hand shatters when she comes to them and tells them that their friendship is iconic.

Manmeet notices the injury on Shagun's hand and goes to get ointment for her while she looks at Meet.

Gunwanti comes there and gives Shagun jewelry to wear on the day of the occasion and leaves without saying anything to Meet.

Shagun's attempt to make Meet jealous!

Shagun smirks at Meet while Meet tells Shagun that she thought Shagun is only cunning, however, she now realizes that Shagun is dangerous, and that too for Manmeet.

However. Shagun tells Meet that Manmeet is a diamond that she will not let Meet take away from her.

Shagun tells Meet that Manmeet will never put anyone else above her and Meet looks on as Manmeet comes there and bandages Shagun's hand.

To make Meet jealous, Shagun tells Manmeet to put on the jewelry that Gunwanti gave her.

Meet continues to bear the scene while Manmeet says that one should get what looks good on them.

Shagun flaunts her jewelry in front of Meet and goes inside.

However, Meet stops her and tells her that Manmeet has given her Mangalsutra and the Vermillion in her head which gives her the right to be with Manmeet.

Shagun challenges Meet!

Shagun goes to snatch the Mangalsutra but Meet brings a lamp to her hand and tells Shagun that she will be burned if she tries to snatch what is hers.

Meet states that she has understood now that Shagun does not love Manmeet but wants him due to her stubbornness.

Shagun laughs stating that Manmeet will reverse the seven rounds that he did with Meet and will marry her in seven days.

She vows to change her name if she does not get married to Manmeet and Meet mocks her by telling her to think of a different name.

The next day, the family is celebrating Baisakhi while Meet looks at Shagun and thinks that she could not bring Shagun's truth in front of Manmeet.

Jasodha comes there and encourages Meet stating that the truth will win in the end.

Sarkar looks at Meet and tells Shagun that he does not like Meet inside the house while Shagun agrees and informs him about her bet with Meet of being married to Manmeet in seven days.

Jasodha encourages Meet!

Manmeet boasts about how everything in his life is sorted because Shagun is simple and understanding of him and his promise to Raj.

Jasodha tells Meet to remember that Manmeet has married her and that Shagun has no right to him.

Meet looks at Manmeet as Jasodha tells her to kick Shagun out of the house.

However, Meet does not say anything and enters the house while Jasodha goes after her and tells her that she sees the love Meet has for Manmeet in her eyes.

Meet recalls her moments with Manmeet while Jasodha gives her the Dupatta that she had gotten blessed for the daughter-in-law of the house and tells her to win Manmeet's heart.

Meet confesses to Manmeet!

Feeling grateful, Meet smiles and takes Jasodha's blessing while Jasodha tells her to do and take her happiness by dancing with Manmeet and the family.

Meet returns to the Varandah and Manmeet drags her to dance with him while Shagun burns in jealousy seeing it happen.

Manmeet feeds Meet Sweets saying that this is the new beginning of their friendship and tells her to look the best like a moon, a Patakha on the day of Baisakhi while the family looks on in surprise.

At night, Meet talks to a sleeping Manmeet and puts two outfits beside him asking him which one should she wear that would make him look at only her and no one else.

She laughs saying that she does not like these girly things but will try her best to adjust to his family traditions since they are going to live together now.

As Meet is about to leave, Manmeet puts his hand on the pink saree making her smile.

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