Meet 20th December 2022 Written Update

Meet 20th December 2022 Written Update

Meet 20th December 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 20th December 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda entering the Ahlawat mansion and everyone surrounding her to know if Meet Ahlawat got the bail or not.

When Meet Hooda reveals that they need to go to court to get Meet Ahlawat out of jail, Raj announces Meet Ahlawat is innocent so he will surely get the bail.

Meet Hooda mentions that the police have found Neelam’s body in Meet Ahlawat’s car and Babita yells in agony that even though Meet Ahlawat has anger issues, he will never kill anyone.

She further questions Meet Hooda if Meet Ahlawat will be punished for a crime that he has not done.

Grabbing Babita’s shoulder, Meet Hooda announces they will hire the best lawyer in the city to get Meet Ahlawat out of jail.

Afterward, in the room, picking up Meet Ahlawat’s picture, Meet Hooda breaks down in tears recalling Meet Ahlawat’s face when he was taken away by the police.

She even asks Meet Ahlawat’s picture about how she will prove him innocent.

However, she imagines Meet Ahlawat standing in front of her, and Meet Ahlawat urges her to sit on the bed to take some rest.

When both of them sit on the bed, Meet Ahlawat murmurs that he knows Meet Hooda is very tired and she needs some rest.

Looking deep into Meet Hooda’s eyes, Meet Ahlawat informs her that he knows no one can love him more than Meet Hooda.

In reply, Meet Hooda tells Meet Ahlawat that she will never let anything bad happen to him, and Meet Ahlawat puts his hands on Meet Hooda’s cheeks.

While rubbing his hands on Meet Hooda’s cheeks lovingly, Meet Ahlawat reminds her that if she feels lonely at any time she should always remember that he is with her.

Further, Meet Ahlawat plants a kiss on Meet Hooda’s forehead and closes Meet Hooda’s eyes with his hands.

Both of them then join their head together and close their eyes while silence fills the room.

When Meet Hooda opens her eyes, she hugs Meet Ahlawat’s picture tightly while muttering she will get Meet Ahlawat out of the jail in a firm voice.

Later that night, Meet Hooda goes to meet Anurag as he is the only one who can save Meet Ahlawat.

While some people are chitchatting about Anurag being the best lawyer, Meet Hooda meets Anurag’s mother and informs her that she is here to talk to Anurag about Meet Ahlawat’s case.

On the other hand, inside the room, a politician offers Anurag a blank cheque so he takes the case but Anurag firmly denies it as he does not have any time either for the case or for the money.

After the politician walks away, Anurag’s mom walks in to tell him that Meet Hooda is here to see him and Anurag mutters the day has finally arrived when the good will win against the evil.

Meet Hooda then enters the room and Anurag announces Meet Ahlawat’s case is a bit complicated as the police have found Neelam’s body in the car.

When Meet Hooda announces if Anurag takes this case Meet Ahlawat will surely be proven innocent Anurag announces he has Meet Ahlawat’s case files with him.

This shocks Meet Hooda and she questions Anurag why he did not take the case the first time to which Anurag replies he wanted to see how much Meet Hooda is desperate to save her husband.

Anurag further announces he takes only those cases that risk people's lives and Meet Hooda walks away.

The next day in court, Barfi Devi advises the Ahlawat family to keep some tears and Raj announces Meet Ahlawat can never kill someone.

Afterward, the Ahlawat family gets shocked when Anurag announces he is fighting for Barfi Devi. 

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