Meet 20th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 20th February 2023 episode starts with all the couples dancing while Meet stands there with the factory papers signed by Manmeet remembering Meet Ahlawat’s dream of the women only factory in Sarkarpur.

Meet says this step of hers will be a tight slap on the poor thinking of Manmeet and a light of hope for women like Chanda.

Later, Meet gets out of the house and goes to Chanda and her friend.

She tells them she is out of hell and now they will give feathers to their dream.

Chanda’s friend suggests taking almighty’s blessings while Meet uses the aarti thali and puts her forearm over it.

Meet removes the embedded name of Manmeet from her hand and says that from today she only shares one relationship with him and it is of hatred.

However, just then Manmeet and the whole Sarkar family mocks Meet and says that they are neither intoxicated nor the papers she is carrying are real.

Manmeet tells Meet how he fooled her by keeping the phone in her room and also tells everyone how Meet took the form of Shagun to get his signatures on the roof.

He says today Meet is not free but today the Sarkar family is free of Meet and from this day itself Meet should never knock back in Sarkar's house or the village.

Sarkar chimes that it is the end of the chapter of Meet and takes everyone inside while Manmeet closes the door on Meet’s face.

Chanda and her friend suggest Meet run away while Meet says it is easy to run away but it is difficult to stay.

Chanda tells Meet to not think of going back to the house as they will not spare her while Meet looks lost in her thoughts.

Meanwhile, Manmeet tells Jasodha that now Shagun will come into their lives.

Just then, Meet Hooda opens the door with a bang and mocks Manmeet for being a child.

She says if not of love they will share the relationship of hatred for seven lives.

Meet Hooda says she will leave only after getting the original papers of the factory and until then she will stay there as she is Manmeet’s legally wedded wife.

She says there is a place empty for Manmeet in jail if he tries to act oversmart.

Manmeet picks Meet in his arms to throw her out of the house while Meet reminds Manmeet that she has promised her love Meet to make a factory in Sarkarpur.

Meet then asks Gunwanti to marry her sister Shagun to someone else as Manmeet is her hatred partner.

Mahendra angrily shouts at Meet and moves to throw her out of the house but Meet forwards her foot and makes him fall.

Meet says people like them have fallen already and that these small falls do not hurt them anymore.

The next day, Chanda worries for Meet while Meet says that she will be vigilant against the plottings of the Sarkars.

Meanwhile, Mahendra and Sarkar ignite Manmeet and Jasodha to kick Meet out of the house.

Sarkar says if Jaosdha fails in getting Meet out of the house then he will get another wife while Jasodha vows to make Meet’s life hell.

In the kitchen, Jaosdha brings Meet’s clothes and puts them in the fire one by one.

Jasodha says that people will stay in the house only with Sarkar’s permission while Meet says that she has two more suitcase of clothes and she will not leave unless her work is done.

Later, Jasodha orders Gunwanti and Imarti to not give any food to Meet and mocks Meet saying that she will see how Meet will survive without food.

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