Meet 20th January 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th January 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th January 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 20th January 2023 episode starts with Meet hugging Manmeet and telling him how she has missed Meet Ahlawat and cannot live without him for one day.

Meet tells Manmeet that she is glad that she got her Meet back while Manmeet softly pats Meet on her back to comfort her.

Suddenly, some village people come rushing toward Manmeet and Meet making Meet snap out of her delusion.

Meet gets shocked to see Manmeet and wonders why she was hugging him in the first place.

One villager asks Meet why she is promoting her shamelessness in the dark night, making Manmeet angry.

Manmeet asks everyone to stop talking or else he will show them what beautiful stars look like in the middle of the night.

Meet runs away from there while the villagers ask Manmeet and Meet to be present in the panchayat the next day for their deed’s punishment.

Meet and Manmeet come back to Chanda’s house making Babita and Raj feel relieved but Meet gets angry at Manmeet for coming to save her.

Raj says that they sent him to search for her, but Meet says she is enough for herself and does not need anybody except for Meet Ahlawat’s memories.

Meet asks Babita and Raj to leave the village at dawn while Manmeet leaves from there after seeing Meet’s bitter behavior toward him.

The next day, the panchayat assembles and the villagers tell Sarkar that Meet is fooling around with men in the darkness of night.

Manmeet gets angry hearing such comments toward Meet and asks everyone to be respectful or else he will beat them up.

Sarkar says that Meet has been caught red-handed so that she cannot live in the village anymore with black ink smudged over her face.

Manmeet says that he was also present at the scene so why is everyone questioning only Meet because she is a woman?

Sarkar says that this case will also be solved according to Sarkarpur’s rules and announces that Manmeet has to put sindoor on Meet in front of all villagers or else they have chosen a new groom for Meet.

Jashoda bangs the plate and announces that Narendra’s marriage will be done before the decided 10 days which leaves everyone confused.

Manmeet takes the chunri and sindoor and moves toward Meet placing the sindoor in his hand.

However, Meet throws away the sindoor and chunri and says that she does not follow the decisions made by the Panchayat.

Jashoda gets angry as Sarkar’s man relays the message that Meet has refused to obey the panchayat.

Meet returns home and tells Raj and Babita about the incident that took place at the Panchayat.

Raj suggests calling the police but Meet says that she can fight well against such forces.

Babita points out how Manmeet has been standing by Meet’s side throughout the whole situation.

Just then, Manmeet comes and asks Meet why she is not talking with him but Meet closes the door in Manmeet’s face.

Manmeet says that he will stay outside Meet's house until Meet talks to him and solves their misunderstandings.

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