Meet 20th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 20th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 20th June 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 20th June 2022 episode starts with a disguised Meet Ahlawat teaching Meet about the law of attraction.

During their conversation, Meet Alawat gets a call from Taniya who asks him to meet her this evening for a photo shoot discussion.

After disguised Meet dodhwala leaves, the neighbor aunties enter the house to gift Meet things as a token of her helping.

During their chitchatting, when an auntie announces that Meet will have a baby boy as per her prediction, Meet sarcastically replies that thank god her prediction is not one hundred per cent right otherwise people will worship her like Matarani.

On the other hand, Meet Alawat meets Taniya in a club, and after discussing the pregnancy photoshoot, they start drinking Vodka shots to recreate their college memories.

While talking about each other love interests, Taniya shyly mentions that she has only liked Meet throughout their college life.

This statement shocks Meet but before he can react properly, Taniya excuses herself and goes to the washroom. 

After Taniya leaves, drunk Meet starts hallucinating and kisses Taniya imagining she is Meet.

When they break apart, Taniya reveals that she is not Meet.

Seeing Taniya, Meet overcomes his hallucination and worriedly says that it was not supposed to happen.

However, Taniya tries to calm Meet down by claiming that they both are drunk.

At the same time, Meet texts him, and seeing the SMS he immediately runs out of the club leaving Taniya worried.

Meanwhile, in Hooda’s home, Meet’s mom and Dadi sweetly roast her for being love-smitten.

Elsewhere, Meet Ahlawat asks his father, what a person should do when he makes mistake unknowing.

After Raj gives him advice, Meet just simply hugs him.

Meanwhile, the next morning, Meet returns to Ahlawat’s house and wakes Meet up.

Meet Ahlawat tries to confess about last night but excitedly Meet forces him to get ready for the photoshoot.

Later during the photoshoot, nervous Meet is not able to face Meet Hooda’s eyes.

Seeing the nervousness, Meet urges her husband to practice this with Taniya.

Meet Ahlawat reluctantly agrees and after Meet leaves, Taniya asks Meet Ahlwant to behave normally in front of his wife.

Taniya even informs him that she will go away the next morning.

Hearing this, Meet Ahlawat announces that his and his wife’s bond is strong and none can break it.

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